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College Football Playoff: Iowa Moves to #4

Iowa has moved in position to be in the College Football Playoff. They must be stopped.

Photo by Tyler Smith/Getty Images

The College Football Playoff Committee released this week's College Football Playoff rankings tonight. They are as follows:

Rank Team Record
1 Clemson 11-0
2 Alabama 10-1
3 Oklahoma 10-1
4 Iowa 11-0
5 Michigan State 10-1
6 Notre Dame 10-1
7 Baylor 9-1
8 Ohio State 10-1
9 Stanford 9-2
10 Michigan 9-2
11 Oklahoma State 10-1
12 Florida 10-1
13 Florida State 9-2
14 North Carolina 10-1
15 Navy 9-1
16 Northwestern 9-2
17 Oregon 8-3
18 Mississippi 8-3
19 TCU 9-2
20 Washington State 8-3
21 Mississippi State 8-3
22 UCLA 8-3
23 Utah 8-3
24 Toledo 9-1
25 Temple 9-2

Nebraska's mission is clear:

Save the Nation from Iowa football.

Iowa has already clinched the Big Ten West. Why leave it up to chance that they'll lose in the Big Ten Championship game?

With one game to go in the regular season, there's still a huge amount of football left to play. The outcome of Michigan vs Ohio State and Michigan State vs Penn State will determine who wins the Big Ten East and plays in the Big Ten title game, and potentially who has the inside track on getting into the playoff.

Oklahoma and Oklahoma State play the Bedlam Series this weekend, and while Notre Dame vs Stanford doesn't directly influence the playoff at this point, it might if other teams lose (LIKE IOWA).

Baylor's not completely out of it; they have the chance to make an impression playing TCU, and then, another team might lose (LIKE IOWA, FOR EXAMPLE).

Interesting that the poll now is the same in one regard as the AP and Coaches polls have always been; if you're going to lose, lose early.