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Big Red Cobcast: You Know You Want Tim Miles

It's #Nebrasketball season, and we needed a break from hating Iowa. So here's the interview that the Cobcast guys did with Tim Miles a couple weeks ago.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Big Red Cobcast is making history. For the first time in our storied tenure, we are re-releasing one of our podcasts. Now that mid-November is upon us, not only have we been consumed by the power of #HateIowaWeek, we've also been sucked in by the tractor beam that is #Nebrasketball. Additionally, #WeAreMovingOurStudioThisWeekAndThingsWillNotBeReadyForAnotherCoupleOfDays.

So we here at Cobcast headquarters decided to send our interview with Tim Miles back out into the world for all of Huskerland to enjoy. It's one of our favorite episodes of all time, and you'll hear why. We talked to Coach Miles about coaching in the NSIC against teams like Wayne State, realistic expectations for this season and (of course) whether he prefers Hoosiers or Air Bud. I'm also pretty sure he made a promise to me that I intend to make him keep. What's that promise? You'll just have to listen and find out.

So put that Iowa hate on hold for about half an hour and listen to the national treasure that is Tim Miles.

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