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Cobs of the Week: SEC East, South Carolina, SEC Network, Iowa State, Jack Cichy and Bret Bielema

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Just because it was a bye week for Nebraska doesn't mean that the Cobs also get a week off. If anything, that means we have more Cob candidates this week because the CN staff was watching everybody else.  So we've got a nice list of candidates for the Worst of the Weekend in college football.

SEC East Division

One of the weirdest things in college football are the SEC's non-conference games in November. While the rest of college football was in championship mode, the SEC East was being challenged by the Sun Belt conference. Both Florida and Georgia had to win in overtime against teams from Conference USA (Florida Atlantic) and the Sun Belt (Georgia Southern).  And then to top it off, there's...

South Carolina

The SEC East by itself was bad enough. But South Carolina losing to The Citadel, of division 1-AA fame deserves it's own Cob nomination. The Gamecocks looked to have avoided the upset late with Pharoh Cooper's 95 yard touchdown catch...but the 4th down play was nullified by a false start penalty.

The SEC Network

With so many craptastic SEC non-conference games this week, the SEC Network had to utilize their overflow channels...and they decided to make Alabama's matchup a little more intriguing by using Charleston Southern's #8 ranking in division 1-AA on their onscreen scoreboard.

Details, details.  Shouldn't you be impressed by Alabama throttling a top-ten team like that?

Iowa State

The Cyclones led Kansas State 35-14 at halftime, and still led 35-28 when the Wildcats 4th down pass fell incomplete with under two minutes to go. So all Iowa State had to do was run the clock out, right?

They couldn't do that.  As Wildcat fans began to file out of the stadium, Iowa State developed a fatal case of fumblitis. First, Mike Warren fumbled to give K-State a breath of life.  A 42 yard pass set up the game-tying touchdown with just 42 seconds left.  But two plays later, Joel Lanning fumbled while being sacked to set up a gift game-winning field goal.  K-State did leave time for Iowa State to have one final play, but after three laterals, the Cyclones fumbled the ball again to end the game.

Yep.  Three fumbles lost in the last 91 seconds.  So long, Paul Rhoads.

Jack Cichy

Wisconsin's linebacker did this:

While the video looks intentional, Cichy afterwards claimed otherwise, and apologized for it.

Bret Bielema

Trailing Mississippi State by a single point in the closing two minutes, BERT took the ball out of the hands of his record setting quarterback (who had throw seven touchdown passes in the game) and decided to put his trust in his kicker to win the game instead.

The kick was blocked, of course.

One of my biggest pet peeves in football is people settling for a field goal rather than trying to score a touchdown.  Take your shots, and if you can't get it in the end zone, then try the field goal. But don't make your kicker your only chance to win the game. Especially when you have a record-setting quarterback.