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Mike Riley News Conference Recap (11/23/2015): Nothing Further Known About Rape Investigation

Mike Riley opened his weekly news conference by stating up front that he has no information whatsoever about the status of the rape investigation at the home of Tommy Armstrong and Jordan Westerkamp.

Looking back to Rutgers, Riley was impressed with the play of the defense.

On this week's depth chart, Marcus Newby is listed ahead of Michael Rose-Ivey, FWIW. It doesn't appear to be because of Rose-Ivey's injury status either.

Pure speculation here: is this the last we'll hear of Mikale Wilbon at Nebraska? He hasn't been able to break into the lineup; will he look to transfer?

Onto Iowa...

And then he said it:

I see half the state of Nebraska giving the coach a standing ovation, while the other half rolls their eyes.

Some players also spoke, though not about the elephant in the room...

Christopherson is confusing deer with Badgers...