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Nebrasketball: Nebraska 92 Souteastern Louisiana 65

Huskers dominate the Lions from the get go on Sunday

Kirk Irwin/Getty Images

Tonight was throwback night at The Vault.

Nebraska came out strong and were all over the court. Tai Webster, who in may eyes underperforms, had a breakout game making the first basket and ended the game with 13 points. If he keeps having games like this, he will be a decent force once the conference schedule takes effect.

Another player who came out big tonight was Benny Parker. Benny, who usually plays more of a supporting role on the team, ended with 10 points on the night.

Leading Nebraska was freshman Glynn Watson with 14 points. Michael Jacobs and Ed Morrow also came off the bench to each score 11 point. As we have stated before, the experience this bench is getting right now will help the team as the season goes on.

The need for these guys to step up was extenuated by the fact that Andrew White III got into foul trouble early in the game. White came back and ended the game with 9 points and 6 rebounds. Shavon Shields also had a sold 8 points and 7 rebounds. The second half Tim Miles seemed to step off the gas and more of the bench saw minutes.

While this team has struggled the last couple of games, you can tell that they are playing more like a team. The egos and problems that seemed to take of the team last year have seemed to subsided. This is a more complete Husker team. Hopefully they keep working on it and improving throughout the season.

Nebraska play again at Pinnacle Bank Arena on Tuesday night against Arkansas Pine Bluff at 7pm.