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Nebraska Basketball: Huskers defeat Delaware State 75 - 60

There are a lot of things you can do in roughly 10 minutes. You can read a chapter in a book, go for a run, cook a meal, and now we know Nebraska can cut a 25 point lead they have down to 4.

A win is a win, even if it's a sloppy win. Nebraska came out slow against Delaware State Thursday night in Lincoln. What little time they had to recover from their last game didn't help the team.

While they did start out a little slow, the Huskers were able to build a 25 point lead in the game. But here's where the problem comes in. Like the Villanova game on Tuesday, Nebraska fell into another scoring rut and allowed the Hornets a 21-0 run on their home court in the second half. The players eventually felt the pressure and took command of the game in the end.

The first half was fairly strong for Nebraska with the team shooting 7-12 from the 3 point line. There was a lot of play from most of the starters and the bench. Unfortunately they got a little to comfortable and it bit them in the second half.

Nebraska's 25 point lead was fairly safe with about 12 minutes left in the second half before Delaware State took advantage of the Huskers poor shooting and turnovers to break the Cornhuskers lead to 4. The score went from 63-38 to to 63-59 in under 10 minutes.

In the end, it was the scoring of Shields and White who help lift the Huskers to the win. While these two are easily our best players this year, we need to see more determination from the rest of the team when we get into these droughts. Scoring ruts like this can happen every once in a while. However, back to back games can make a fan (and coach) a little nervous.

Not to take anything away from Delaware State. They played hard until the end. In total, making the Huskers commit 14 turnovers throughout the game. 5 of which were during their 22-0 scoring run. They came to Lincoln with the intention to pull and upset and for a wile there, the Huskers were giving them the opportunity.

Shavon Shields had a big game with 21 points and was 7 of 10 from the line. and second behind him was Andrew White III with 20 points and had 4 rebounds against the Hornets. Benny Parker, who has struggled getting to the basket, ended the game with 8 point. Freshman Aussie Jack McVeigh continues to impress also had 8 from the bench. Ed Morrow Jr., while having a scoreless game, ended the night with 5 rebounds and fairly solid defensive effort.

Nebraska now sits at 2-1 on the year. Next game is against Southeastern Louisiana this Sunday at 6pm in Lincoln.