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Mike Riley News Conference Recap (11/2/2015): De'Mornay Pierson-El Out For Season With Fractured Leg

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Mike Riley opened up his weekly news conference with the news we feared about wide receiver De'Mornay Pierson-El:

Riley didn't elaborate further, but I suspect this is not as simple as an ACL; it may me more like the injury Taariq Allen suffered. Pierson-El does have a redshirt season available to him, should he not be ready for 2016. Hopefully, he'll recover sooner than that.

More bad news on the injury front:

I wonder if Daniel Davie played with that injury on Saturday? And if Terrell Newby can't go Saturday, will one of the running backs currently on the milk carton (Mikale Wilbon or Adam Taylor) get a chance to play?

Now the good news:

With Shawn Eichorst having to release a vote of confidence in Riley this morning, Riley reflected on where the program is.

The thing is, we do care. Nebraska fans are passionate, and we wear that passion publicly. And when we see that things aren't right, we want those things corrected. And that's making people who have bought in hard with Mike Riley and his new staff uncomfortable, because while it's somewhat unprecedented to talk about dumping a new coaching staff after just one season, it's also unprecedented for Nebraska to have lost six games going into November.

This is new, uncharted territory folks.

Exactly. Because frankly...

Nobody anticipated this. The talk was 9, 10 or even 11 wins. Not a nine loss season.

Then the talk turned to that elephant in the room...the previous guy...

We didn't see a lot of turnover after last season, because players gave Mike Riley a chance. (And let's give credit to Bo Pelini here, who told the players to do just that last December...) But don't be surprised if a bunch of players (especially guys who we thought would contribute in August and September) decide to move on in December.

Some people like to bash the players Mike Riley inherited, but let's not absolve the culpability of the assistant coaches on defense that Mike Riley brought to Lincoln, with a checkered resume at their previous stops.

Like this?

That's how Nebraska lined up for that quarterback draw.

So how does Nebraska bounce back this week? Was last week really "rock bottom"?