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Cobs of the Week: Nebraska, Texas, Minnesota Offensive Coordinator, Duke Special Teams and ACC Referees

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

The CornNation team had a spirited debate this weekend over the Cobs.  One perspective is that this week's Cobs should be an all-Nebraska edition; the other perspective is that Nebraska has stopped being Cob-worthy.  Well, we ended up in the middle; we're going to nominate Nebraska (again), but we're throwing plenty of other candidates into the mix. Lest we forget, the Cob goes to the Worst of the weekend in College while Husker fans are hurting, we must not ignore the rest of the suckage from this weekend in college football.

Misery Loves Company!


Purdue hadn't won a conference home game since 2012, and hadn't scored more than 21 points in a conference game this season. So - of course - Purdue boat-races the Huskers, scoring 55 points to give Nebraska it's sixth loss of the season. It's the first time EVER in the 125 year history of Nebraska football that the Huskers have lost six games prior to November 1st.


A first time starting quarterback and new offensive coordinator sparked Iowa State to a 24-0 shutout victory over the Longhorns. Iowa State racked up 426 yards of total offense, and held Texas to just 204 total yards.

Minnesota Offensive Coordinator Matt Limegrover

Minnesota thought they had scored a touchdown to take the lead over Michigan with just 19 seconds, but instant replay clearly showed that Drew Wolitarsky's knee was down inside the one before the ball broke the plane of the end zone. So after the review, the officials spotted the ball at the one foot line, Minnesota lined up for a first and goal play, and the officials started the clock.  Minnesota then started shifting players around into multiple formations, letting ten seconds run off the clock before Mitch Leidner's incomplete pass stopped the clock with just two seconds left.

With 19 seconds and a timeout left, Minnesota should have had plenty of time to run four plays if necessary - but the curious (to put it nicely) choice of playcalls limited the Gophers options. Heck, a better choice would have been to simply spike the ball on first down, then run the elaborate shifts on second and goal with the clock stopped.

As it turned out, Minnesota had just one play remaining with two seconds, and rather than tie the game, they went for the win...and the quarterback sneak was stuffed short.

Duke Special Teams

If you were watching Minnesota trying not to beat Michigan, then you obviously weren't watching the final play of the Miami-Duke game.

Miami threw eight laterals and retreated forty yards to their own three yard line before Corn Elder finally found a seam on the far sideline.  The play took 48 seconds to run between Duke's kickoff and Elder crossing the goal line.

ACC Referees

Slight problem: One of Miami's many return guys had his knee on the ground when he made one of the laterals.

The referees spent ten minutes reviewing this play (since it took almost a minute to play, you knew it was going to take a while), but determined that the knee down was something that COULDN'T be reviewed.

Oops. Actually, that's exactly what review is intended to do. On Sunday morning, the ACC suspended the entire officiating and review crew for two weeks for four different blunders on this play.