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Stadium Dr. Rumblings: Nebraska's Bye Week Recruiting Map & Potential Targets

Frequent flier miles are being racked up on the North Stadium credit cards this weekend. Where is the staff going and who are they seeing?

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

It's the bye week, and while that means no Football game on the field for the Nebraska Cornhuskers, that doesn't mean the staff will be taking the weekend off.

Where are they going? Well, the Nebraska AD's social media game is strong and told you on twitter today.

Here are the tweets that came out today, with the educated guesses on who is going where to see whom.

Mike Riley's first stop is Cedar Rapids, where TE target Shawn Beyer happens to go to school at. However, the Detroit trip is to probably see Desmond Fitzpatrick, the WR verbal to Louisville that just visited Lincoln. David Reese is also up there as well. Missouri and Illinois up on Fri/Sat, which would probably be Bryan Brokop and Naquan Jones.

Bray should be heading with Riley if they are going to see Fitzpatrick & Reese. The only person that comes to mind on Delaware is '17 Inside LB Avery Roberts. New Jersey on Saturday to go see Quayshon Alexander.

Secondary coach Brian Stewart will be heading to Miami first to catch up with verbals Greg SimmonsDiCaprio Bootle, then he's expected to go see Mirmiar DE Terrell Lucas while there, then visiting with Safety target Lamar Jackson. Sacramento is his stop on Friday, where Stewart is expecting to see JUCO Cornerback Devron Davis.

Running Back coach Reggie Davis will be first off heading to StL to go see Tre Bryant and to check in on his teammate, Roddrick Bryant. Memphis for the BBQ, but unsure on who he's seeing there.

D-Line coach Hank Hughes jumps on a plane and lands first in Scranton, PA where Lackawanna CC Safety Kyzir White goes to school. Getting on a non-stop to Miami, Oklahoma gets him talking to the NE Oklahoma A&M CC Corner Maurice Chander, who really likes Nebraska and vice versa. LB target Chris Baccus is in Miami as well.  After talking to Chandler, Hughes heads to El Dorado, Kansas to talk to the folks at Butler CC, maybe about someone like Davon Durant.

Defensive Coordinator Mark Banker first stops with Hughes to talk to White, then off to Tuscon, AZ to talk to Pima CC Corner Markell Simmons. Then on Friday, he heads to Los Angeles to do work out there as Calabasas has a playoff game. Commit Marquel Dismuke as well as targets Keyshawn Johnson JrDarnay HolmesTristan Gebbia and Brian Hightower ('18) will all be playing in that game.

Offensive Line coach Mike Cavanaugh heads to Southern Cal to talk to '17 targets Wyatt Davis, then up to Seattle to get with Henry Bainivalu.

Offensive Coordinator Danny Langsdorf will be with Mark Banker at the Calabasas game on Friday, but first he'll be working Los Angeles on Thursday, going to see Patrick O'Brien.

Wide Receivers coach Keith Williams first heads to NOLA, where on Thursday he could see TE Jamal PettigrewD'Andre Christmas-Giles (same school). Also, Clyde Chriss is the man who he was aiming for down there earlier this year at WR. On Friday, he goes to Stockton, CA to see Derrion Grim, and I wouldn't put it past him to make a appearance in Calabasas with both Coordinators.

And, yes, even your Special Teams coach Bruce Read is hitting the road. He's hitting Seattle to talk to Punter/Kicker Caleb Lightbourn.

As you can see above, the Huskers have a plan and are sticking to it on the recruiting trail. It may pay off with some, it may not with others. But, you can't fault the effort to not only follow up with kids who have interest, but also to get the feelers out for '17 and beyond.