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Flakes Is Live from Austin City Limits

Texas jokes galore, five-win bowl teams, letter jackets, and a little bit of news. The bye week is long y'all.

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Jill Heemstra

Good morning Corn Nation. Jon sent me undercover to the land of burnt orange during the bye week.

Did you know dancing on Bevo's grave is frowned upon in Austin? Who knew?

It seems like a bad time to pile on Texas, with both Nebraska and the Longhorns talking about their chance to make a bowl game with only five wins. (Spoiler - Nebraska's are much better than Texas'). Except it is soooo easy, especially when rumors abound about their coach being courted by Miami. My meeting down here involves folks from A&M and not UT, so the Texas hate is readily shared by all in attendance.

Do you know why Austin is no longer considered part of tornado alley?

There are never any touchdowns here.

What do you get when you breed a Longhorn and a groundhog?

Six more weeks of bad football.

What do Texas football players always get on their final exams?


On to Flakes....

Growth of young Huskers gives hope when thinking ahead
Mark Banker wasn't sure Joshua Kalu was even going to play Saturday.

You read Husker Mike's report card - well, here is the one from On The Banks.

Rutgers vs Nebraska // Report Card - On the Banks
Class dismissed

Huskers split on significance of potential spoiler role against Iowa - Big Ten Blog - ESPN
Nebraska receiver Alonzo Moore relishes the chance to spoil the Hawkeyes' unbeaten season, provided they get past Purdue.

More Husker Sports....

Husker volleyball stays focused as season winds down | Sports |
The No. 6 Nebraska volleyball team will play its first home match in more than two weeks Wednesday against the Indiana Hoosiers.

Hail Varsity! Revelle Gets Letter Jacket 34 Years Later - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Timing enabled a moment to honor Rhonda Revelle and present the iconic Nebraska softball coach with an unexpected Nebraska varsity letter jacket that she earned in 1981 but didn't receive until Sunday

Elsewhere in Sports...

This one is here because of the occasional "Nebraska" references in terms of firing a coach. We have become a cautionary tale!

Wait, Les Miles is on the hot seat already? After losing 2 games? -
It's not just the two losses. LSU's head coach is under fire, but a strong finish could certainly change things.

How Ohio State's Braxton Miller made the move from quarterback to wide receiver

Braxton Miller had a rude awakening in the spring: He could no longer play QB at Ohio State -- or anywhere. So the senior became a receiver to keep his national title hopes and NFL dreams alive.

Former NFL quarterback Doug Flutie's parents die within an hour of each other
Doug Flutie and his family had the kind of tragic day you could never imagine.

This and that...

Star Wars Battlefront suffers immortal player glitch | Ars Technica
After seemingly smooth launch, EA and DICE have another game-breaking bug to fix.

These next two verge on political. I personally am interested in the technology and potential impacts of these actions on our own technological infrastructure, so I included them, but do not want to start any wars in the comments section.

The U.S. government doesn’t know what technology to blame for the Paris attacks | The Verge
First they blamed encryption. Then they wanted websites taken down. Now, they’re proposing additional legislation. Just days after the shocking attacks in Paris, there's a new push in Washington...

Paris police find phone with unencrypted SMS saying "Let’s go, we’re starting" | Ars Technica
Phone likely led authorities to Saint-Denis, where clash left suspected "guru" dead.

The Verge 2015 Holiday Gift Guide
The holidays are fast approaching, and with them the annual bacchanal of consumerism that is December. Fortunately, The Verge Holiday Gift Guide 2015 has you covered with gifts for men, gifts for mom, gifts for dad, gifts for women, gifts for boyfriends, and gifts for any other over-simplified demographic you happen to be Googling. Do you need the best Christmas gift ideas? Hannukah gift ideas? The best tech gifts of 2015? The best drones for dad? Cheap gifts? Just plain cool gifts? We’re here for you with the very best gadgets, games, books, movies, and TV of the year. There's a lot of crap out there, but follow our guide and you won't be stepping in any of it.