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Corn Flakes: Nebraska Rape Allegation, College Football Playoff Rankings

Jordan Westerkamp makes another Westercatch
Jordan Westerkamp makes another Westercatch
David McGee

Yesterday it was revealed that an alleged rape was being investigated at the home of Tommy Armstrong Jr. and Jordan Westerkamp because they are roommates on TV and in real life. More like housemates I guess, but I digress.

Here's the original headline and story:

Police investigate report of rape at Lincoln home of Huskers Armstrong, Westerkamp

Rape reported at home of Huskers; 'From what we’re hearing, everything was consensual,' QB Armstrong says - Crime & Courts

Lincoln police are investigating a report of a rape that allegedly occurred Sunday at the north Lincoln home of Husker quarterback Tommy Armstrong and receiver Jordan Westerkamp.

The initial story contained the following lines, which now have been changed because the story has been updated:

The woman said she knows the suspect. Flood said the suspect has been contacted. No arrests have been made, Flood said.

At this point, there's no story here except for the fact that Tommy Armstrong, Jordan Westerkamp, and Trey Foster, by virtue of them being Nebraska football players, are public figures. That makes it a story.

Other than that, will it be a real story later? Yes, if police issue an arrest warrant.

Is it surprising that Mike Riley didn't know anything about it until Monday morning? Not really. If you're Tommy Armstrong, you think that everything is fine.

Armstrong said that he was "confused" by the allegation but that after being interviewed, the police said "you guys should be fine."

Bottom line: There's not much to see here right now. There might be later, but for right now, nothing.

I've seen two more narratives come out of this story:

- How do college students own or live in that nice a house? Clearly there's something fishy going on!

These days, it is common for parents to purchase a home where their college student can live. Depending upon the situation, it's a good investment. I don't know if that's what's going on here, but it's a reasonable explanation.

- Was this a setup to distract the Nebraska football team's best players before they play undefeated Iowa?

There is reality, and then there is whatever world you're living in. Try not to confuse the two. It would help if you stayed off social media.

Moving On... College Football Playoff

The top four remained the same this week:

  • Clemson
  • Alabama
  • Ohio State
  • Notre Dame

A pretty easy choice since none lost, although there was speculation that Alabama would move ahead of Clemson after their big win over Mississippi State and because they're Alabama/Nick Saban.


It is our duty to knock them out of that position. They've already had their best season ever and that should be good enough for them.

Oklahoma State moved to #6, followed by Oklahoma (BEDLAM!), Florida, Michigan State, and Baylor to round out the Top 10.

I am very disappointed that not a single one of these CFP committee members has declared their run for POTUS.


The Bama Effect might be real. Teams are actually getting worse after playing the Tide -
Elsewhere in the weekend's most interesting stats, Baker Mayfield has exploded, Oregon-Stanford is officially one of the country's most important rivalries and congratulations to Maryland! Kind of.

SOURCES: Top Names to Replace Les Miles - And The Valley Shook
Wow, this list is impressive!!

There is no way that Kirk Ferentz is a robot. And as this season has proven, the Iowa head coach knows it too.

How much of a role will race play in replacing Gary Pinkel at Missouri? -
How will Mizzou go about replacing long-time coach Gary Pinkel? CBS Sports columnist Dennis Dodd looks at how its coaching search might unfold and why it should probably include minority candidates.

Rabalais: 'Strong indications' LSU's Les Miles coaching for his job vs. Ole Miss, Texas A&M

But in the span of just two Saturdays, with two humbling losses to Alabama and Arkansas, the ice has thinned under Miles' feet to the point where strong indications are that he will be coaching for his very job at Ole Miss on Saturday and the week after that against Texas A&M.

Holy cow. Go read the buyout information, then wonder why and where Les Miles might end up.

Sooners fan mistakes courthouse for Hilton, winds up in jail - Police
When Jack Harwell was sheriff of McLennan County, folks affectionately referred to the county jail as the "Harwell Hilton."


Erstad sticking at NU after Dodgers' interview

A few weeks ago a report surfaced from Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal that Darin Erstad would be interviewing for the Los Angeles Dodgers' open managerial position. The news was so surprising and out-of-the-blue that it hardly seemed real, even to Erstad himself.

Staying Home: Darin Erstad Says ‘My Heart’s Here’ - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Nebraska baseball fans got a great news flash Tuesday. Giving his own gut-wrenching analysis of why he was tempted to interview for the Los Angeles Dodgers’ manager position, Darin Erstad pulled himself out of the running to complete what he called unfinished business as Nebraska’s head baseball coach.

Huskers Begin Bye Week Preparations - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
Lincoln, Neb. - The Huskers returned to practice Tuesday after the Rutgers win and practiced for just under two hours.

Then There's This:

UNL film studies professor publishes 1st book on black and white cinema | Arts & Entertainment |

Until 1966, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded two separate Oscars for cinematography: one for color film and another for black and white.

Wheeler Dixon, my old film professor.