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Big Red Cobcast: When is a Rivalry a Rivalry? Huh, Iowa?

The Cobcast crew gets feisty, mostly about the Nebraska/Iowa "rivalry." And have the Huskers become Wisconsin's Colorado?

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

This week, we're mixing things up. Instead of Ryan's usual confidence and bluster, you'll get my more measured approach to column-writing. You know who gets loud and cocky? People who know losing is imminent. I'm not saying Tweedy is about to lose. I mean, he's already lost every argument we've ever had, so it's pretty much already happened.

You know who else has been squawking a lot lately? Feeling a bloated sense of self-worth? Some team wearing black and gold next door. A certain team hoping to steal away the Heroes Trophy and keep its national title hopes alive. A team trying to keep the Huskers from their first bona fide winning streak of the season. Well, much like Ryan trying to argue a salient point, I'm not sure that's in the cards.

That was probably the one thing we all agreed upon during this week's podcast. Everything else (Is Iowa a rivalry game? Who on the Cobcast crew would win a footrace? Should we do this podcast with three working microphones?) was up for debate.

You know what isn't up for debate? That you should listen to this podcast. So quit arguing with yourself and give it a listen.

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