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Cobs of the Week: Georgia, Mike Ekeler, LSU, Rutgers Fake Punt and Boise State

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Once again, it's time to celebrate the worst of the past weekend in college football with the weekly "Cob of the Week."  If you've been wondering where this has been, we're experimenting with moving it to Tuesdays because Mondays tend to be awfully busy here at CN.  So no Cob for us; we meant this to happen.

Kind of a light week, but we did come up with a few worthy candidates for you to choose from:


The Bulldogs did manage to beat Auburn 20-13, but one series was particularly awful. They were penalized three times on a set of downs, including a delay of game call on third and 36.  The TV announcers suggested that Georgia just punt right away before they could screw the drive up any worse.  Georgia got into that mess with three other penalties on that set of downs: offensive pass interference, a false start, and holding.

Mike Ekeler

The former Nebraska linebackers coach is now at Georgia, and he's just as excited on the sidelines as he was here.  Maybe more so.

Maybe too much so. Because Georgia cornerback Rico McGraw had to be assisted by the trainers after Ekeler's headslap.

McGraw had to sit out the next series, but returned to the game after that.


A couple of weeks ago, LSU was ranked #2 in the nation.  Saturday they lost to Arkansas and BERT by 17 points AT HOME.

Rutgers Fake Punt

Kyle Flood loves to call fake punts, and Saturday, he may have called his last. Maybe he thought he had Melvin Gordon on his roster, because he decided to run a fake punt with a jet sweep in the third quarter.  Didn't work...and frankly, didn't even have a chance.

Boise State

Boise State was a 30 point favorite at home on the SmurfTurf...and lost 31-24 to New Mexico. Kevin Cosgrove's defense forced four Boise turnovers, though his patented bend and break defense did allow the Broncos to rank up 641 yards of offense.  How the heck do you rack of that type of yardage and only score 24 points?