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Thursday Night Football!

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Another Thursday night.... once again, it seems like the season goes fast, doesn't it?

Frank Beamer's career at Virginia Tech is just about over, which makes tonight's Battle of Techs interesting, doesn't it?

Georgia Tech is at the bottom of the Coastal division, with just one conference win (over Florida State, boo hoo). Virginia Tech is 2-3 in conference, fifth place just behind Miami of Florida.

Louisiana Lafayette at South Alabama 6:30 pm ESPNU
Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech 6:30 pm ESPN

Tonight's NFL game:

Buffalo Bills at New York Jets - 7:25 PM Central - CBS.

Alternative Topics:

- Which is more annoying, someone smacking their lips or a crying babe on a plane?

- Your favorite hard candy.

- What's for supper?