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Nebraska Basketball: Huskers Sign Two for the '16 Class

Tim Miles inks 2 in this recruiting cycle.

Wednesday was the first day of the fall signing period and the Nebraska basketball team picked up two players. Jeriah Horne on Wednesday and Isaiah Roby on Thursday.

Jeriah Horne, the top ranked recruit from Kansas City, Missouri was the first of the two to sign on Wednesday. The 6'7" 220 lb forward. He is known for being extremely useful as a rebounder and as a shooter. He is also know for having a fairly high basketball IQ which was quickly picked up by the coaching staff.

Jeriah is a 3-star recruit according to 247 and was heavily recruited by Kansas State, Wichita State, DePaul, and Pepperdine.

Isaiah Roby is a 4-star from Dixon, IL and waited to sign with the Huskers until Tuesday afternoon. He is a 6'7" 202 pound small forward and is at Top 100 member coming in at #89. He is considered one of the most over looked players in Illinois and should be a large steal for the team. His mixture of athleticism, skill, and strength gives him the ability to quite possibly contribute early on in his career. He was heavily recruited by Creighton, Georgia, and Northern Illinois.

Both Horne and Roby are the types of players who could play early with the team. These are the types of kids Nebrasketball fans have been waiting for years to get and we will be watching for the next few years.

Right now the Huskers still have one more scholarship for this upcoming class left. Tim Miles has stated that they are looking for a much needed big man to fill the paint so it would not surprise me if they go the JUCO route to help the team early. This is the one area that can be hard to fill for many teams and it would be nice to have someone found before the start of the '16 season.