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Big Red Cobcast: Adam Carriker Returns!

The fellas chatted with Adam Carriker! Again!

Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Did that Michigan State game change your perspective on the Riley regime?

How much is Riley's hire about culture? How much is about W's? How long does he get to make the necessary changes?

Would Adam Carriker want to be a coach at Nebraska?

Adam Carriker knows about regime changes. Specifically, regime changes at Nebraska. He was a part of one. You might even remember the one I'm talking about. It involved a guy whose name rhymed with Smill Smalahan. So, who better to ask about regime changes than the the one and only Mr. Carriker, professional footballer, husker hero, loving husband and father of something like 23 kids.

The thing about Adam (I can call him that because we're super tight now) is that he actually knows what he's talking about (unlike my neighbors, cousins, babysitter - who played 2 seasons of midget football for Security Mutual in the mid 90's - Also, he's too old to be a babysitter probably).  He played QB in high school and Defensive End in college and then went on to play D Tackle in the pros. He understands locker room culture and the effect that negativity can have on a program.

So we skipped the bullshit and went straight to the guy that knows.

(Plus this dude squatted 600 pounds - think about that for a second. That's almost 2 Suh's)

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