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College Football Playoff Rankings: Iowa Moves To #5

The College Football Rankings for November 10th have been released!

The College Football Playoff committee has released their weekly rankings:

1. Clemson, ACC (9-0)

2. Alabama, SEC (8-1)

3. Ohio State, Big Ten (9-0)

4. Notre Dame, Independent (8-1)

5. Iowa, Big Ten (9-0)

6. Baylor, Big 12 (8-0)

7. Stanford, Pac-12 (8-1)

8. Oklahoma State, Big 12 (9-0)

9. LSU, SEC (7-1)

10. Utah, Pac-12 (8-1)

11. Florida, SEC (8-1)

12. Oklahoma, Big 12 (8-1)

13. Michigan State, Big Ten (8-1)

14. Michigan, Big Ten (7-2)

15. TCU, Big 12 (8-1)

16. Florida State, ACC (7-2)

17. Mississippi State, SEC (7-2)

18. Northwestern, Big Ten (7-2)

19. UCLA, Pac-12 (7-2)

20. Navy, American (7-1)

21. Memphis, American (8-1)

22. Temple, American (8-1)

23. North Carolina, ACC (8-1)

24. Houston, American (9-0)

25. Wisconsin, Big Ten (8-2)

Note Iowa sitting just outside the Playoffs at #5. Nobody likes Iowa, and you can bet teams like Baylor and Oklahoma State would love it if someone would save the world from Iowa being undefeated for the rest of the season.

One of the most wonderful things about the College Football Playoff Rankings is that they're not any better than the old AP and Coaches Polls at picking who the top teams are, so that leads to plenty of bitching and moaning as is usual amongst sports fans.

Alabama and Notre Dame have both lost games, but remain ahead of Baylor, who has a back-loaded schedule, who's ahead of Oklahoma State, who just dispensed of TCU this past weekend.

I'm just hoping that our beloved Nebraska Cornhuskers aren't doing what I'm doing right now, which is looking past Rutgers and ahead to the Iowa game. If there's one sure recipe for failure..... well, let's just be thankful there's a bye week coming.