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Riley Presser: Freedom Out, Jordan Stevenson Redshirt Pulled?

David McGee

Great news (not really) from this evening's presser. From Mike Riley, Freedom Akinmoladun (otherwise known as "Freedom The Man") has a knee injury and will be out (hopefully) for two weeks.

It's starting to look like AOTDLHG (Angry Old Testament Defensive Line Hating God) is focusing on Nebraska. Not sure what you did (besides perhaps feeling too entitled) that our Huskers deserve this amount of injuries, but Nebraska is in rough shape and we're not that far into the season.

Kevin Maurice and Kevin Williams are out. Vincent Valentine may or may not play against Wisconsin.

That leaves the Huskers with this as a starting defensive line:

Not ideal.

Daniel Davie, Michael Rose-Ivey, and Josh Banderas will miss Saturday's game.

Freshman running back Jordan Stevenson may get his redshirt pulled. According to Head Coach Mike Riley, Stevenson may figure in the mix as a kick returner.

Before coming to Nebraska, Stevenson was committed to Wisconsin, but was not allowed on their football team because of admissions. Now that we're playing Wisconsin, it appears that Stevenson MIGHT play.

At first glance, this sounds like a dumb idea - why are you burning a redshirt on a guy this many games into the season on the chance that he MIGHT get in on kickoff returns - but it sounds like Stevenson wants to get on the field.

So Nebraska is going into Saturday's game with an incredible amount of injuries on defense.

You needed that news right now, didn't you?