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Corn Flakes: Please - A Calmer, Gentler Nebraska Fan Base

In my author profile (published one week before my heart attack), I revealed that my Mom and I used to play dances during my teenage years.

Well, my mother and I played dances during my teenage years. She was the DJ and I set up the big badass sound equipment (not an exaggeration). We played weddings, bars, homecoming dances, proms, you name it.

Playing dances was a lot of fun.... 98% of the time. Mom enjoyed entertaining people. I did too. There were times that it was not fun. There was a wedding dance we did for some friends that was a disaster. We couldn't explain why it was a disaster. We played music the people requested. We did the typical things you'd do at a wedding dance (you play the older music early so grandma and grandpa can dance with the couple if they choose, your wedding party dance, etc. etc.).

Yet no one had fun. I'd say that they were determined to not have fun, but that's not the case. They wanted to have fun, too. At the end of the night, nobody could figure out why the dance wasn't fun. Maybe they weren't drinking heavily enough.

It's not as hard to determine why this Nebraska football season hasn't been as fun. Unlike most things in life, sporting events have a measured outcome; someone wins, someone loses. Right now Nebraska is losing more than winning, hence, no fun.

The guests at that wedding dance went home dissatisfied. One of them told me they wasted their money on us. Mom and I went home feeling like we'd done a poor job; we were not happy with the outcome as well.

That's where I'm at with this web site. This is no longer fun. You guys are turning on each other at a pace that is much, much worse than the debacle of 2007, and it really sucks.

I don't have a problem with you all disagreeing. We purposefully try not to censor anyone as to sway you in a certain direction one way or another - hate Mike Riley, like Mike Riley, I don't really fucking care.


And you are not doing this. And because of it, I'm going to start banning people who cannot respect each other. STOP GETTING PERSONALLY INSULTING.

Purdue, Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana - all those teams have football fans despite the fact that they haven't had much success on the field. Maybe we should take a lesson from the fans of those teams and learn how to love our team and enjoy our fanbase despite not having the success we want.

(BTW, the first person who says I just compared us to a bunch of mediocre teams and have therefore accepted mediocrity is probably going to be banned because I am REALLY ITCHY RIGHT NOW.)

I am pretty sure I'm not the only one in Nebraska media who feels this way. I'd guess if you talked to any of the radio talk show hosts or other guys who host web sites that they'd say right now is like an ass kicking. It's not enjoyable, and it wears them out.

Bottom line - If you cannot post something here without insulting or trolling someone else, please put down the keyboard and come back later or just fucking leave.

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