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Big Red Cobcast: Wiscan'tsin

Oh my god what is happening to us? Let us tell you what to think.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

This is the big week, guys. This is the week we turn it all around. I still smell a 10-3 season a-brewin'.

Remember Rocky Balboa? I do. Remember when Ivan Drago said he must and I quote, "break you" to that little Italian bruiser. I do. Let me refresh your memory. Rocky took a billion punches to the face, everyone said he was out, that he was in over his head. Then like Hulk Hogan waving his finger in Andre the Giant's face before he body slammed him, Rocky Balboa beat that humongous commie bastards ass. He took him to school. He showed him what America is. It's freedom, it's liberty and it's giant ass whoopings that you never saw coming. U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A.

So here we are. Wisconsin week. Riley is Tony "Duke" Evans (which I guess makes Oregon State, Apollo Creed?) The Huskers are Rocky Balboa and the rest of the schedule is the Commie bastard Ivan Drago, he killed our friend (the first 5 games - which contradicts the Oregon State thing but ignore that) and now we are gonna smack him around in a way that would make Mickey Goldmill (Tom Osborne) proud. We're gonna show everybody what Nebraska is. It's hard work for your entire life, it's sawed off shotguns for no reason and it's ass whoopings you never saw coming. N-E-B, N-E-B, N-E-B.

I've never been more excited about a football season in my life than I am for the next 7 weeks. Bring it Wisconsin, you filthy, sons of bitches.

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