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Mike Riley News Conference (10/5/2015): "We Should Have Run More"

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Nearly every Husker fan had the same thoughts Saturday afternoon:  "Run. The. (explitive) Ball." At today's Monday news conference, Mike Riley acknowledged that.

Let the church say AMEN!

Specifically on that awful third and seven play with under a minute to go...

It's a play that's typically run as a pass play, but they wanted to use it as a run.

That's a correction from Saturday night, when Riley said there wasn't a pass option. Clearly, confusion reigned supreme on that play, because the "don't pass" message wasn't received by the players on the field.

Hindsight is always 20/20.

Would have been better to say that Saturday night, though.

Another injury on the defensive line is something Nebraska did NOT need, as that's three defensive tackles injured. Mick Stoltenberg is "next man up" - but don't be surprised if you don't see Greg McMullen playing inside, especially with the emergence of Freedom Akinmoladun.

If he can go, Big Vinny would really provide a big boost inside.

A lot of negativity followed the game, and Riley fully understands.

This bears watching, because there's probably a reason why.

Interesting that Riley praised Lewis for his play on the field.

Let's not even consider the possibility of losing seven games period. Just don't go there, Mike.

Tommy Armstrong also accepted responsibility at the news conference.

The issue is that the coaches didn't make it clear the yardage wasn't an issue. Nebraska had enough points to win the game - just needed to keep that clock running. Arguably, a sack would have been better, because it would have given Sam Foltz more room to work with on a punt.

Somehow, I bet this somehow gets modified into bulletin board material.

Other Huskers spoke as well...

Please give Weber his Blackshirt, already.

The athletic department could really help with that. For these guys, the ignore and block button could be quite useful for guys who don't want to deal with the crap some people say to them online.

Of course, let this also be an opportunity to remind people: