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Cobs of the Week: Texas, Michigan State Fans, Georgia, Ole Miss, Referees and Mike Riley

Mike Granse-USA TODAY Sports

Saturday started quickly with college football suckage, and then went ballistic in the afternoon. So much so that, quite frankly, the CornNation team basically stopped taking nominations.  We'll present some of our early candidates, but we pretty much concluded early Saturday evening that we didn't need to waste our time on building a long list of nominees this week.

We will throw a few in for good measure, and we'll casually mention Wyoming for getting steamrolled by Appalachian State and Minnesota for getting shut out by Northwestern.  But here are our candidates for the worst in college football for this past week.


We can't forget Texas. TCU stormed to a 37-0 halftime lead, and didn't look back. At halftime, Texas cornerback Kris Boyd inexplicably pulled out his phone and responded to a tweet from a trolling Texas A&M fan. And then a disgruntled Longhorns fan who works for the Texas Rangers fired off a tweet...but didn't pay attention to the account he was logged into.

He won't be making that mistake again with the Rangers; he was immediately dismissed by the baseball team.

Michigan State Fans

Check out the stadium as Purdue mounts a comeback in East Lansing. Kind of looks like West Lafayette, doesn't it?


It was a depressing day in Jawja as Alabama was pummeling the Bulldogs in the monsoon. Uga, the Georgia mascot, was truly sad.

Ole Miss

Last week, the Rebels were the toast of the SEC. This week, they got demolished by Florida. How bad was it? They couldn't even get the truck out of the stadium after the game.


Early in the third quarter, Illinois gained nine yards on first down, but somehow the chains moved forward for a first down. On what was supposed to be second and one, Illinois gained four yards to the 38 yard line for what should have been a first and ten. Except it was now 2nd and 6. Nobody noticed the error until after Illinois, thinking it was third down, came up short and the refs realized that it was actually fourth down. After a lengthy delay to review what all had happened, Nebraska took over on downs...and promptly threw an interception to give the ball back to Illinois.

But that wasn't the only screwup by referees in football. On third and 23, Oklahoma State gained 18 yards...and a first down, thanks to the Big XII referees.

Mike Riley

Nebraska's new head coach once gain found himself once again losing a game in the closing seconds of the game.

Between bad defense and an obsession with throwing the ball ineffectively, Mike Riley's honeymoon at Nebraska is already over.