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Nebraska vs. Purdue: Week 9 Predictions

The CN staff gives their thoughts one more time on who will win between the Huskers and Boilermakers.

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Husker Mike: This season has been a huge trick...or maybe better described as a "Nightmare on Tenth Street"

Adam: I’m pretty sure I have gotten every game wrong this year. But that’s not stopping me! On to Week 9!

Nathaniel: You know it’s Halloween because there is a horrific lineup of college football games this week.

Ranchbabe: I totally picked the wrong season to drink less.

Patrick G: For once, I’m glad I work in the morning.

Brian: Fitting this game is on Halloween, cause everything scares me here. That being said, Fall back with those clocks and get that extra hour of sleep tomorrow.

Illinois (+4.5) at Penn State

Adam: Penn State is always a tough place to play. They have the best student section in the country. And that’s coming from a member of the Nebraska student section. This should be a close game throughout. I’ll take the road team. This would be a huge win for Bill Cubit. Illinois 21 Penn State 17.

Nathaniel: Penn State should squeak out another win like they did last week. Cubs 14 Illini 10

Husker Mike: This is a game Bill Cubit needs to win if he stands any chance of getting the "interim" tag removed...but it ain’t happenin’. Nitts 21, Ills 13

Ranchbabe: What is an Illini anyway? And why has it taken me four seasons into being B1G before I started to wonder that? Gotta go with the home team here. PennSt 28 Ill 24

Patrick G: Illinois has been playing better than they should under an interim head coach. Penn State is playing...they're playing. I’m going to go with the Nittany Lions on this one.

Penn State 17 Illinois 9

Brian: I think Illinois has done well this year, firing of Beckman aside. That being said, this is a game that starts the howling for James Franklin if he loses it at home. Penn State wins, because James doesn’t want the opposite.

Ole Miss (-7.5) at Auburn

Adam: Auburn has been a train wreck all season long. They have definitely underperformed this season. (Sound familiar Husker fans?) Ole Miss had a nice win over Texas A&M last week. Auburn had a tough 4OT loss to Arkansas last week. This could be a pretty high scoring game. Ole Miss 49 Auburn 35.

Nathaniel: The only reason the spread is this low is because this game is in Auburn.

Rebels roll 38-14

Husker Mike: Auburn is just sad this season.  Rebs 45, Tiggers 28

Ranchbabe: Auburn - you had one job last week! One of the enjoyable things in this season has been enjoying the misery of others and Bert does it like no one else. Oh well. Yeah, the Rebels are the better team and they usually win. Miss 40 Auburn 24

Patrick G: I never once believed in Auburn this year and I still don’t.  Ole Miss has had a great run so far with their talent and coaching. The Memphis game was a good tough loss against a good team that they probably didn’t respect. I don’t see that happening against Auburn.

Brian: You may say that Auburn is a trainwreck and is sad this year, but they didn’t lose to a Memphis squad they should have thumped a couple weeks after being the #1 team in all the land in their pad. I think Ole Miss wins this one, but honestly nothing in this game would surprise me.

Southern Cal (-5.5) at Cal

Adam: USC looked incredible last week against Utah. I do however expect a hangover against Cal on the road. Cal will be fired up for this game. Cal 42 USC 21.

Nathaniel: USC have a strong start but Cal will push back in the 4th quarter and fall just short in the end. Trojans 41 Bears 40

Husker Mike: Two teams that had unexpected results last week. Both return to the mean: Bearsh 38, Condoms 28

Patrick G: Trojan’s won last week against Utah because they were statistically the better team. They will keep it up against a good, but not great Cal.

USC 32 Cal 17

Ranchbabe: I guess Vegas did know what they were talking about last week. Whoda thunk the professionals know more than me? USC will probably suffer a letdown, but not enough to lose this one. USC 38 Cal 28

Brian: USC just got rid of a guy who was trying to fake it through being a Head Coach, and pretty soon, Cal will get rid of the other one. Trojans by 10 here, and the vultures start going around for Sonny Dykes

Georgia (+3.5) at Florida

Adam: "World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party" what a cool name for a rivalry game! This is always a fun game every season. I’ll take the Bulldogs here in a close one! Georgia 28 Florida 21.

Nathaniel: Georgia will Georgia this game and Florida will pretty much punch their ticket to the SEC Championship game. Florida 35 Georgia 31.

Husker Mike: I’ll take Jawja.  Dawgs 34, G8rs 28

Patrick G: This is probably the only game in the SEC I’ve ever been interested in.  Georgia has historically been my pic in the conference for big games and for some reason I keep coming back to them even though they prove me wrong. Not this time, I’m going with jean shorts.

Florida 28 Georgia 23

Ranchbabe: For some reason I like the Bulldogs and generally enjoy seeing them win. But the Gators are hot and the game is in the swamp. Gators 24 Jawja 21


Florida wins this one, and we truly see if Mark Richt’s ass is finally being cut (it isn’t).

Nebraska (-9) at Purdue

Adam: Wow does Nebraska need a win. This has been such a tough season. Armstrong might not even play in this game. Purdue has one of the worst rush defenses in the country. If Nebraska can get a solid run game going, they should win this game. I also expect there to be 10,000+ Husker fans there. Nebraska 28 Purdue 14.

Nathaniel: Ryker Fyfe. Boy oh boy. Even though Purdue had a bye week, there weren’t prepared for Ryker Fyfe train! The Grand Island native will throw 3 TD passes and not make any ridiculous throws to cost his team the game. Nebraska 35 Purdue 21

Husker Mike: The B1G West Toilet Bowl. One team that can’t do much of anything right offensively, and another team that slips on the banana peel in the fourth quarter.  Even with Ryker Fyfe at quarterback, I’m going with the more known quantity in the hopes that wiser minds will remember what this team does best.  Huskers 38, Boilers 24

Patrick G: I’m actually looking forward to this game. I said it on twitter earlier this week, and I still believe it. For some reason I can’t shake my midwest optimism. Purdue will play well, but nothing special. Huskers will win but it will not be pretty. I still believe in some parts of this team to come together for a few more wins this year.

Nebraska 27 Purdue 21

Ranchbabe: And a Fyfe shall lead them... Huskers 31 Boilers 21

Brian: I don’t have any reason to believe that Ryker Fyfe can do better than Tommy Armstrong throwing the ball. Plus, it’s going to be 50 degrees with a 50-80% chance of rain today. If Danny Langsdorf doesn’t run the ball a majority of the time today, he never ever will. Purdue plays like a team happy for a paycheck. Nebraska needs it more. Huskers by 17 and we feel both relieved and bitchy heading into Sparty week.