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Thursday Night Football!!!

Some interesting games this evening (FINALLY!).

Okay... you have Pitt, TCU, and Oregon as the interesting teams here, at least from my perspective. I keep wondering if Pitt will ever come around, Trevor Boykin at TCU, and Oregon.... well, watch the Ducks just to see what they're doing at quarterback.

I've seen y'all in the comments, wondering about Scott Frost, whether he's a problem at Oregon. No, he's not a problem. The problem is they don't have Marcus Mariota anymore, just like Nebraska doesn't have Ameer Abdullah to mask problems with the offensive line.

Players matter.

North Carolina at Pittsburgh 6:00 pm ESPN
Buffalo at Miami Ohio 6:30 pm ESPN3
Texas State at Georgia Southern 6:30 pm ESPNU
West Virginia at TCU 6:30 pm Fox Sports 1
Western Michigan at Eastern Michigan 6:30 pm CBS Sports Network
Oregon at Arizona State 9:30 pm ESPN

The NFL game tonight is Miami at New England, and I'm not really sure why you'd watch that game if you were expecting something that resembled competition.  Perhaps on the off chance that Ndamukong Suh squished the life out of Tom Brady, but I'm sure snipers would take out Suh before he got too close - the NFL can't have anyone messing with their golden boy.