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Big Red Cobcast: The Tim Miles Interview

We interviewed Tim Miles, Coach of Nebrasketball. It's official, we're important now. And you can be too if you just listen to our podcast.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

It's official we're big time. How big, you ask? So big that we interviewed the greatest college basketball coach of all time. The living legend himself, The Bob Devaney of Nebraska basketball, The Brad Pitt of Pinnacle bank, The Vin Diesel of The Vault, Cornhusker Head Coach - Tim Miles.

He was everything we thought he would be. He was charming (so charming that Pat swooned for several minutes), he was charismatic, he was funny, he was insightful... AND most importantly - he was honest. He answered everything we asked him and I never once felt that we got the typical head coach canned answers. He spoke to us like we were guys hanging out at a bar tossing a couple tall boys back.

What did we talk about? We talked about the team, the tourney, Colorado State, Wayne, Peru and Chadron State colleges, helicopters, Mike Riley, Bo Pelini and Carl Hess. Plus, a bonus question, Hoosiers or Air Bud? Which movie do you think he chose. I mean he's funny like Air Bud but he's inspiring like Hoosiers. Wanna know what he picked? You're gonna have to listen then.

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