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Nebraska Football: Kenny Bell Talks Pelini/Riley, Twitter, '15 Team Struggles With 93.7's Mike Welch

The former Husker WR talked about Twitter, his discussion with Will Compton, and his thoughts of what's going on in Lincoln this year.

Donald Miralle/Getty Images

With all the hub bub on twitter with Will Compton, Kenny Bell and what's going down with the Nebraska Cornhuskers, Kenny Bell set the record straight this afternoon with Mike Welch of 93.7 The Ticket in Lincoln.

Bell, in a phone interview with Welch that aired live at the bottom of the hour, talked about several things. Program Director John Gaskins talked about it on twitter.

Here is the interview, which you can listen to on the Ticket website.


- The one thing on the interview that stands out is that Bell, even though it's been stated time and time again, seems to have a mentality that wins/losses was the reason Bo was fired. When Welch asked about things besides wins/losses causing the removal of Bo, Kenny didn't directly answer it even though he mentioned it was a very valid question.

- There's still a seeming hate of Nebraska AD Shawn Eichorst over it, something that fans have obviously shown. This has to have carried over to the team in some way. Does that carry over to Mike Riley? I can't think it completely doesn't, especially with guys that have been there for a while. That is just human nature.

- Yes, it's a culture change from Bo Pelini to Mike Riley. But, if you're alright with the staff, wouldn't you want to help that in every way you could? That's not hating on Pelini, but wanting your school to do the best they possibly could.

Thoughts on Bell's comments? You know what to do below.