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Mike Riley News Conference Recap (10/26/2015): Jonathan Rose Suspended for Purdue Game

At today's weekly news conference, Mike Riley announced that senior cornerback Jonathan Rose was suspended for last Saturday's Northwestern game for a violation of team rules, and that the suspension will continue this week for the Purdue game. Cornerback Chris Jones is also suffering from a neck injury, which means depth at cornerback is becoming an issue.

Fortunately, Daniel Davie seemed to bounce back from his injury and struggles earlier this season to play better this weekend. He'll be needed against Purdue. But the news about Michael Rose-Ivey is not good...not good at all. Nebraska needs it's best linebacker back and healthy.

But about that Northwestern game...

Sam Foltz and Drew Brown did play well...but you just can't have the kicker and punter being the positives on your team. You just can't.

Which tells you just how bad Nebraska's kick return and coverage was on Saturday.

I can accept that to the point that Nebraska opened the game with a heavy emphasis on the pass. And at least early on, Terrell Newby was productive on the ground in his limited touches.

It does appear that Riley detected that the Huskers weren't quite ready to play on Saturday.

But it does make you wonder if the offensive line was out on the field too much against Northwestern. Mike Cavanaugh's philosophy of not substituting might have been an issue in this game.

When you are 3-5 and struggling, you almost forget about the opponent. Especially an opponent like Purdue.

Jack Gangwish also talked, which he has repeatedly done this season.

Good to see some effort out there, because frankly, there is still a lot of hope to get to a bowl game this season. The best way is to win out - or at least win 3 of 4 games. (And yes, I know this means an upset of undefeated Michigan State or Iowa.) But even if they fall, there is an opening.

Sam McKewon of the World-Herald reports that Jerry Palm's bowl predictions still include Nebraska with a bowl bid at 5-7. How? Simple: there are 40 bowls and there may not be enough teams with six wins to fill them in. So that means a 5-7 team might become bowl eligible, and the deciding factor is Academic Progress Rate. And the only teams ahead of Nebraska are Northwestern (bowl eligible), Wisconsin (bowl eligible), Duke (bowl eligible), Michigan (needs one more win) and Stanford (bowl eligbile).

So yes, if Nebraska can win the road games at Purdue and Rutgers, the Huskers still could be in excellent shape to make a bowl game in 2015. Argue all you want about whether it would be deserving or not, but the extra weeks of bowl preparation would go a long way towards helping Mike Riley get his schemes implemented better.

Where does Palm see the Huskers? In New York City at the Pinstripe Bowl.  I remember the last time a first year Nebraska coach took the Huskers to play a bowl game at Yankee Stadium. That ended up being the start of something good.

Certainly better than "Home for the Holidays," that's for sure...