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Nebraska Post Game Overreaction Thread!

Nebraska lost 30-28, which drops the Huskers to 3-5.

Please be decent to each other, and not get personal - I am just as twitchy as you guys are, and my finger is on the trigger.

Below is the rest of today's TV football schedule: 

Duke at Virginia Tech 2:30 pm ESPNU
Indiana at Michigan State 2:30 pm ESPN2 / ABC
Kansas at Oklahoma State 2:30 pm Fox Sports 1
Penn State at Maryland (Baltimore) 2:30 pm ESPN
Tennessee at Alabama 2:30 pm CBS
Texas Tech at Oklahoma 2:30 pm ESPN2 / ABC
Wisconsin at Illinois 2:30 pm BTN
Missouri at Vanderbilt 3:00 pm SEC Network
SMU at South Florida 3:00 pm ESPN News
Washington State at Arizona 3:00 pm PAC-12 Network
UConn at Cincinnati 3:30 pm CBS Sports Network
Florida State at Georgia Tech 6:00 pm ESPN2
Texas A&M at Ole Miss 6:00 pm ESPN
Western Kentucky at LSU 6:00 pm ESPNU
Youngstown State at Southern Illinois 6:00 pm ESPN3
Kentucky at Mississippi State 6:30 pm SEC Network
Utah at USC 6:30 pm FOX
Ohio State at Rutgers 7:00 pm ABC
Wyoming at Boise State 9:15 pm ESPN2
Colorado at Oregon State 9:30 pm PAC-12 Network
Washington at Stanford 9:30 pm ESPN