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Corn Flakes: Universities Building Better Facilities or Palaces?

Yesterday, Purdue announced a $60M project to build a bigger, better football complex. How many other universities have spent millions on facilities recently?

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Just when you thought they didn't care, Purdue comes along with an announcement that they're going to spend (pending trustee approval) $60M on a "football performance complex":

Purdue President Mitch Daniels and vice president and director of intercollegiate athletics Morgan Burke announced today that they will seek approval at the December meeting of the Board of Trustees to construct a $60 million football performance complex.

When it comes to "Why" Purdue is proposing the construction of a new football complex, note the following photograph of a document which appears to be a proposal comparing Purdue's facilities with other schools (and Notre Dame) in the Big Ten. Also note which schools have all the green dots.

Yay, Nebraska. We have resources! (Really, we do have resources, because nothing on that Purdue list compares to Nebraska's Athletic Performance Lab, which is unique across the nation and why it is included in the concussion study being done in conjunction with the Big Ten and the Ivy League.)

Travis Miller, who runs SBNation's Purdue site, asked for references from other college sites about what facilities they've recently constructed. CN did not provide a response about Nebraska, but in a short period Miller collected feedback from 15 other sites about what new facilities their universities were building.

There are a couple of perspectives you can take on this:

  • You can be impressed at the lengths at which schools will go to attract recruits
  • And/or you can be amazed at how many athletic programs are building palaces for themselves in the name of attracting recruits.

Universities are throwing millions at coaches and administrators, and more millions at state of the art facilities for athletics.*

It is no wonder that the NCAA is fighting so hard to keep the "amateur" tag on their student athletes. Look at all that might come crashing down should it be wiped away!

I've noticed over the past few years that the Purdue guys would complain that their administration didn't care about being successful by pointing out how little money they'd spent on football. Now that their administration has changed course, I can't help but feel disappointed (one more school joining the arms race) and wondering how else they could be spending that money.

Because of Purdue's relationship with NASA, I thought, "maybe they could use it to send someone to Mars", but I looked and it turns out that going to Mars is way more expensive than $60M. Still... add all the expenses up from all those universities and... going to Mars is way more expensive, unless you're looking at Mars One - hasn't it been established that those people are loonies?

Also, take note of an entry on that document above entitled "WOW Entry". Studies have been done that show that if you build a new facility, you need to make the entrance to it something that makes its constituents say "WOW". I know of this from working with K-12 schools all over the nation. Turns out if you vote for a referendum, build a new school or new practice field and you don't spend money on a fancy entrance, people get the attitude of "we spent all that money for this piece of crap?".

*Universities are also building expensive dorms and recreation centers to attract more students, so it's not just about student athletes. Then young people wonder why they're graduating with so much college debt; you have to wonder how soon they'll figure out they've paid way too much for that expensive resort they attended in the name of a substandard education.


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Holy COW!!!!

Then There's This:

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If you've ever seen Purdue's media guides, you know exactly what Brian is talking about.