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Flakes: Do You Have Your Star Wars Tickets Yet?

Flakes looks back at Minnesota, forward to Northwestern, and wonders which age group is going to think this is the best set of Star Wars movies.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

I am pretty sure the first movie I ever saw in a theater was Star Wars (Episode 4, A New Hope). I was not even old enough to be in school yet, but that movie made a big impression. We also saw the rest of the trilogy in the theater. For a kid who lived on a dairy farm, finding time to go to a movie was a big deal (especially to a theater 40 miles away).

Being a good parent, I have naturally made sure my kids have watched all three of the original Star Wars movies. The middle trilogy came and went without much fanfare at our house. We watched them on DVD but my kids mostly remember the last one because of the cool Lego sets they got for Christmas and birthdays.

Now comes the last, and possibly most hyped, group in the trilogy of trilogies (is that a thing?). My kids are at an age where this last series will probably be the one they remember. I can already hear the debates at future family gatherings as we figure out which movie to queue up on our holo-projecter. (My kids will be wrong of course).

So, do you have your Star Wars tickets yet? We will probably wait until the big rush is over and sneak in during the second wave. In the meantime....someone already analyzed the trailer. VERY closely.

Every new scene in the third Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer, analyzed | The Verge
The third full-length trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has arrived, and though it shies away from giving away the any key plot details, there's still a lot to glean if you look close...

On to Flakes:

Gophers dominated by Huskers | - The Minnesota Daily
The only lead Minnesota had all game on Saturday lasted 82 seconds.   And it was all Nebraska after that.

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LINCOLN — No turnovers and just two penalties.

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NU Sports - Wildcats Look to Get Back on Track at Nebraska
Northwestern will look to snap its two-game losing streak this Saturday when it travels to Nebraska

A little bit too "glass half empty" for my tastes, but...

Facing the depressing reality of Northwestern's 2015 season - Inside NU
After a debacle of a homecoming game against Iowa, Northwestern's season seems all but over.

Inside The Play: Northwestern linebackers bite on counter, VanHoose loses contain, Wadley goes for six - Inside NU
Akrum Wadley's first of four touchdowns was representative of a day to forget for Northwestern's defense.

More Husker Sports

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A pair of weekend road matches against Northwestern and Illinois proved to be a cakewalk for the Nebraska Volleyball team as the Huskers swept both matches to stay atop the

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Posted By: Sportssports@klkntv.comLink to release: to InterMat Rankings: E...

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LINCOLN — Nebraska volleyball coach John Cook challenged his team last week.

Elsewhere in sports

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This and that

How much did Back to the Future Part 2 get right about 2015? | The Verge
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ESPN poised for big job cuts - Oct. 20, 2015
The sports network ESPN is expected to ax a large number of employees on Wednesday as the cable industry struggles to cope with declining subscribers.

Have a great Wednesday everyone!