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Big Red Cobcast: Northwesturd University

We won! We won! We won! Now, we look forward to more winning!

Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

If you ever want to know how smart a Northwestern student is - just ask them. They'll be sure to tell you. That alone is the best motivation to beat this team. I'm sure their center has written a formula to find the most efficient means for blocking Maliek Collins. Spoiler Alert: He forgets to carry a 1 and accidentally creates the Maliek Smash Theory of Relativity.That's the theory where Maliek hits Clayton Thorson so hard his relatives feel it. Maybe McMullen follows right behind and knocks the smug right out of him and every other student "athlete" they have.

Just like the universe; Football doesn't happen in a vaccum. Brains only matter a little bit. Everything else is heart. Which our team has. While Northwestern is calculating velocity and wind resistance divided by time mulitplied by 3/4 of the speed of space squared; Jack Gangwish is thinking about the people in his hometown cheering for him, Tommy and Westerkamp are busy doing roommate things and Pierson El is running one more windsprint.

That's why the Huskers not only beat Northwestern by 21 but the win out the rest of the season and when Indiana beats iowa, that puts us in place to beat Iowa, ruin their season, win our division and finish the season 9 and 4.

You heard it here first.

It doesn't stop there though. We beat Ohio State, win the B1G and play Alabama in the Rose Bowl, beat them by 17 points and we MAKE NICK SABAN CRY ON NATIONAL TELEVISION. Now that Spurrier has retired we have to get after another SEC coach and Nick saban is due.

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