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Get To Know the Corn Nation Community: Jon & Kathy Pounds

We have had some great stories on GTKtCNC and this one is no exception. HOW MANY consecutive games have these two attended??? Wow!

Jon & Kathy Pounds

Jon and Kathy are CN readers, but they do not comment here. I think we should encourage them to set up accounts - I know I would love to hear the stories they have about Husker games and all of the places they have gone! If you have followed this series, you know that I ask about something non-Husker related. Jon's response makes it my favorite one so far.

How did you become a Husker fan?

Neither my wife nor I attended UNL but both are diehard Husker fans. I was attending all games that I could in the 70's and when I took her to her first game at Iowa State in the early 80's in the cold and snow flurries, she loved it and the rest is history.

If you traveled forward in time and learned that the Huskers never win a Big Ten title or a national title ever again - would you still cheer for them?

We follow the Huskers win or lose. We have talked about how spoiled we are as fans but do not miss a single game or play, win or lose. We do miss the conference title games but are there to cheer on the Huskers.

What is your favorite Husker-related memory?

Our favorite fan memory would be the National Championship game against Miami when Tom was finally able to get the monkey off his back and get his first National Championship. The next 2 National Championships would be a close 2nd and 3rd.

What is your most prized piece of Husker gear or memorabilia?

We have a couple of prized possessions. I have a cold weather jersey of Mike Roziers that I purchased at an auction from the University. My wife and I also have a National Championship football that Tom Osborne signed personally in his office when we met him on my wife's birthday. My wife also has a letter from Tom Osborne and an autographed picture from Bo she got while recovering from a kidney transplant.

Do you have any "superstitions" or routines that you have to do on game day?

For all home games we drive my 'Lil Red Express' 1978 Dodge pickup. I bought it brand new in 1978 and I only drive it to home football games now. Years ago I used to drive it to away games too but now I don't want to risk someone vandalizing it.

Among your family and friends, who is the most die-hard Husker fan? What makes you say that?

My wife and I are definitely the most die hard fans that I know of. At this time we have attended 343 consecutive games, home and away which is all games since the 1988 UCLA game. We have only missed 4 games total since the 1983 season (401 out of 405 games).

Ranchbabe's note: When Jon sent me the picture that is at the top of this article, it was accompanied by the following note. Wow!!!!

I sent you a picture of Kathy and myself at Michigan a few years ago which was our 300th consecutive game we had attended.

What is something non-Husker related about you that people here at CornNation would be surprised or interested to know?

The most interesting non football fact is that a little over 4 years ago I donated one of my kidneys to my wife. I was a match for her so we had the transplant done during the summer so it would not conflict with the football season.

What are you looking forward to the most this upcoming season?

We are both looking forward to the upcoming season with the new coaching staff. Mike Riley is a lot like Tom Osborne and we are looking forward to a little more calm demeanor with the press and coaches. It used to be you held your breath whenever Bo stepped in front of a microphone.


Tommy will improve his completion percentage but I don't think he'll hit the 60 percent mark, probably just short at 59 percent.

Unfortunately I don't think many teams are going to be kicking to Pierson-El so I think he is only going to get one punt return for a td, 4 passing td's, and one on a jet sweep. (Ranchbabe's note: Jon sent me this before the season started and before Pierson-Els injury)

Nate Gerry ends up with 6 interceptions with one going for a touchdown.

Dedrick Young will be the biggest impact on the Blackshirts from the incoming freshmen. He is a real talent at a position we don't have much depth at.


Thanks for sharing your stories Jon and Kathy! I really enjoyed writing it up and I think our CN readers will enjoy reading it just as much.

You can read more about them at:

300 Games Later, Husker Pride Still Burns Hot