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Mike Riley News Conference (10/19/2015): Rose-Ivey Returning to Practice?

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

The big news out of this week's news conference is that the injured continue to heal, and some might return to practice this week, though limited.

It would be nice to get Daniel Davie back, as Jonathan Rose had some issues on Saturday against Minnesota.

Let Freedom ring! It would sure be nice to get him back on the field.

Saturday night, Mike Riley noted that Terrell Newby left Saturday's game due to injury...the good news is that it doesn't sound serious at all.

Newby probably had his best game as a Husker against the Gophers, so hopefully he's available this week.

As long as it's not more throws into double coverage, I'm good with that.

Although it's going to take a lot of help, Nebraska can still win the Big Ten West and play in Indianapolis. The season's not lost, and if they play like they did on Saturday, it's not completely out of the question.

Interesting thoughts from the coach about how he views the fullback position. Doesn't look like he's planning to change his recruiting philosophy regarding the fullback at this point.

We've seen flashes from Moore before, but Keith Williams has definitely polished this gem.

I probably would have gained seven yards, then the ambulance would have had to scrape me off the field. Cleaning the blood off the turf would have probably led to a half-hour delay in the game, though.

Jordan Stevenson has lost some weight to get back into shape, but there are concerns about his game on kick returns.

And Tommy Armstrong dropped the mic on the weekly news conference in style...