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Cobs of the Week: Ole Miss, Brian Stewart, Indiana, Boise State, Utah, Michigan

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Each week, the staff at CornNation puts together a list of the worst of the weekend to honor with the Cob of the Week. Some weeks, we really have to reach for the suckage; others, there's more suckage than we know what to do with. And then there are week's like this where one candidate was so mind-numblingly awful that there's not much point in nominating anything else. But we have to have a list each week - even when the outcome is pretty obvious to us.  Otherwise, we're not doing our job.

So with that, here are this week's worst in college football.

Ole Miss

A month ago, Ole Miss knocked off Alabama and was seemingly in control of their own destiny in the SEC...but now they've lost two out of their last three, and this week, they couldn't even beat Memphis.

Brian Stewart

The man in charge of the nation's worst pass defense has to get a mention after allowing Minnesota's Mitch Leidner to throw for a career high 301 yards, right?


Who has the nation's second worst pass defense? That would be Indiana. You may not have realized it while watching the Huskers game against Minnesota, but Indiana led Rutgers 52-27 with 20 minutes left to play in the game.

Rutgers won 55-52. Indiana was up four scores...and came away with the loss.

Boise State

Remember when Nebraska turned the ball over eight times against Iowa State back in 2009? Boise State matched that feat on Saturday, and since Utah State isn't Iowa State, the Broncos got trucked in the process.


For some reason, Utah decided to use a trick play on a kickoff return leading 14-13...and tried a throwback pass in their own endzone.

But whoops! The ball went forward, which makes it illegal...and since the penalty happened in the end zone, it's a safety...and Arizona State took the lead 15-14. Utah regained the lead in the fourth quarter, but they made it much harder on themselves.


You thought Nebraska had cornered the market on heartbreaking finishes this season, but Michigan topped them with one for the ages. Facing a fourth down with just 10 seconds left and a two point lead, Michigan has to punt the ball. Michigan State puts all eleven on the line of scrimmage in a desperate attempt to block the punt, meaning that all Michigan has to do is get the punt off, and the game will be over.

Easier said than done.

Michigan Fans

Fans of the Weasels have a long standing tradition of vile behavior, and they lived up to that this weekend. During the game, several of Yost's finest got camera time on ESPN, screaming f-bombs and flipping the bird. We'd embed the video, but, well, some of you might be reading this at work.  So we'll just link to it here.

Of course, after the game, a true Michigan Man needs someone to pay the ultimate price for ruining their of course, they deluge the punter on Twitter with suicide suggestions.