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Friday Night Football!!!!!

Welcome to Friday Night!!!!!

Here's your college football games for the evening!!!!

Cincinnati at BYU 7:00 pm ESPN
Boise State at Utah State 8:00 pm CBS Sports Network
Houston at Tulane 8:00 pm ESPNU
UNLV at Fresno State 9:30 pm ESPN2

Not a bad line up. At least the early game looks interesting.

The Nebraska volleyball team will be taking on Northwestern tonight at 7:00 pm. That game is not televised, but is streaming on BTN Plus.

I will be out for the early part of the evening, attending the Minnesotans for Nebraska gathering at the Mall of America. If you're around, i.e., in Minnesota for the game, you might want to check it out. It's at the Skydeck Bar, which is on the fourth floor of the MOA.