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Corn Flakes: Minnesota vs Nebraska - Who's Favored?

Who is favored in this week's Nebraska - Minnesota game?

This guy is more excited about this game than any single fan on either side.
This guy is more excited about this game than any single fan on either side.
David McGee

Stats freak boy Bill Connelly has released this week's S&P+ picks at He favors the Gophers, giving them a 63.9% chance of winning.

ESPN's FPI (Football Power Index) gives Nebraska a 52.8% chance of winning, and in fact, has us winning the rest of our games this season with the exception of Michigan State.

Betting lines right now have Nebraska favored by +2.

Then there's this thing which some of our sites are using. I have not paid much attention to it, but we're going to try it this week for the first time.

It will be interesting to see what happens this weekend. Of course, Mrs CN and I will be attending the game. I hope to make it to the Mall of America this evening, as the Minnesotans for Nebraska group will be holding a gathering of fun there. There is no cost to get in, so you should get out and congregate with other Husker fans before Saturday's B1G game.

Minnesota fans are typically critical of their team and that won't be any different this season. Nebraskans are typically more upbeat, but this season I expect conversations to resemble bouts of self-deprecation to the point of impending doom.

"You guys will probably win."

"No, you guys will win, trust me."

"We have the worst pass defense in the nation."

"We don't have a quarterback that can consistently complete a forward pass."

"I'm not feeling well, it might be food poisoning."

"I think I have stomach cancer

"I could drop dead at any moment."

"Arghhhh, cough." /Drops dead.

Okay... that's not really that funny. Or creative. That part of my brain needs to wake up again. I'm working on it.

An abbreviated flakes today.

USC did a horrible thing to Steve Sarkisian because it had no choice -
The Trojans put their football future over the health of a person they supposedly cared about. This was probably the best-case scenario.

U football players accused of sexual assault, retaliation -

A University of Minnesota official said the number of complaints "demonstrates a concerning pattern of football player conduct that we believe requires responsive action."

Read this story and tell me where there's a smoking gun. There's no names involved. There's nothing but a lot of innuendo.

Husker Bowlers Begin Season in Louisiana - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site
The Nebraska bowling team returns to the lanes this weekend to begin its quest for a sixth NCAA title at the Allstate Sugar Bowl Collegiate Bowling Invitational.

Yori Talks Bigs Media Day - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Nebraska's head women's basketball coach, Connie Yori, spoke to members of the media at the Big Ten Women's Basketball Media Days in Chicago, Illinois at the Chicago Marriott O'Hare this afternoon.

Huskers Prepare to Take On Minnesota - - Nebraska Athletics Official Web Site

Head Coach Mike Riley had the following to say regarding injuries, "In the secondary, we were hopeful that Daniel Davie might be back, but it doesn't look like it. At linebacker, Josh Banderas has made it back through the week and it looks like he will be ready to play. This is very good timing because it doesn't look like Chris Weber will be able to play."

Riley also mentioned that Luke Gifford will be questionable for Saturday's game. "Offensively, Chris Long hurt himself yesterday and Nick Gates is out," Riley stated as he wrapped up the injuries.

Every time I see Davie's name listed on the injury chart, I wonder if it's because of a physical injury, or because his confidence was so shaken earlier in the year that he's having problems making it back on the field. Either one sucks.

Then There's This:

I hope you can follow this twitter conversation between the UCF and Temple accounts.