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Corn Flakes: Nebraska's Football Culture Isn't Right

Former Husker Jay Foreman breaks down Nebraska football

If the culture is there, you don’t have to worry about who is all in, or a coach calling, or the negative things in the locker room, because that’s going to be handled all in the locker room. When it’s handled in the locker room, that’s when you have something special. People want to talk about the 1990s. I can promise you the guys who were the upperclassmen on our team wouldn’t have let that happen. You would have been held accountable. That’s where the difference is.

You need to read the full article, but this sums up Nebraska's season very well.

What Foreman is talking about isn't any different than how you perform in your job every day at work. You typically have a group, a "team" of people, who have defined goals they're trying to reach and are expected to perform on a daily basis.

If someone in that group isn't doing their job, the team suffers. Some people feel like they need to pick up the slack and start trying to do more than their job, others feel like "If that guy isn't trying hard, I'm sure as hell not going to try hard either."

The team therefore becomes dysfunctional.

Foreman mentions the 90s. Those teams had a structure of leadership and culture set up in such a way that they didn't want to let each other down. If they did, that player was removed from their position or demoted in some way.

The problem facing Mike Riley is relatively the same that faces your managers, your team leaders, on a daily basis. If they fire a non-functioning member of your staff or team, they may alienate other members who are friends with that person. Riley's problem is more complicated in that he cannot simply fire Alex Lewis (for example) and immediately put out a job notice for another left tackle (or another guard, center, etc, should those guys decide they're going to become dysfunctional as well).

This is the kind of problem that takes time to fix. It's not just a matter of "next man up" because that next man may not have bought in any more than the first guy. It will take time to find the right mix of people who want to work together towards a common goal - just like in your office.

It's not that difficult to understand this. Look around. Are you performing your job at a high level every day? Is there that guy who isn't? Do you resent them? Are you that guy?

Whether you like your manager or not.. well, that's a different story. And if you don't, and you are that guy, why the hell are you still there?

Previews And Such

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FIRE THAT bald-headed meatball fart.

It made me laugh and laugh and laugh. That and the comment about the Eugene bums.

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Staying positive with free beer. Well, I guess that's one approach.

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Shocking and terrible news.

This is not funny in any way shape or form.

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There's math. Or something. I can't handle it anymore. Maybe it's because I am trying to keep up with everything, but these advanced statistics anymore... I'm tired of them.

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Then There's This

Man tries to put out garbage fire by driving over it in a van loaded with ammunition | The Kansas City Star
A Clay County sheriff’s deputy retreated to a safe distance from a van burning in a field after he heard the sound of live ammunition going off inside it.