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Corn Flakes: Your Heart and Husker Football

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I go to cardio rehab three times a week now. I think I have to do this for the next, oh, six months. It's rather a pain in the ass, but I understand the need. It's not very difficult - they me hook up a portable heart monitor then I alternate between a treadmill, a stationary bike, and a stepping exercise as they monitor my heart rate, apparently looking for any anomalies and making sure that I'm progressing in my goal of getting stronger.

Along with the physical therapy comes education. Everyone gets to learn about exercise and diet, which has included learning how to read ingredient labels on food packaging.

Yesterday we watched a video about the emotional aspects of heart disease.


In the section on anger, the subject of the video was holding a bag of Dunkin Donuts while having an argument with his wife. It wasn't completely obvious that the Dunkin Donuts bag was the cause, but given what I know now about the evils of fast food, it's clear the old lady wasn't too happy with his choice of diet.

The other implication was obvious. Am I angry that this happened to me? Yes, but not as angry as I am disappointed. I feel like my body has let me down. It's been a pretty good body up to this point so what the hell, body?

The same goes for Mike Riley and his results so far. I'm not angry as about a 2-4 record as I am disappointed. Husker football has been excellent up to this point in my life. What the hell, Husker football?


They put a stent in my heart. I have to take medication. Check that, I have to remember to take medication. I may have to take medication for this for the rest of my life. Up to this point, I had never even broken a bone or been in the hospital for anything. Despite my cardiologist telling me that only one in four or one in five people survive what I've been through, I'm bound and determined that everything will be as normal as it was before.

I am lying to myself. There are some things I can make better, but I will never be the same.

Nebraska is not a very good football team right now. That may apply to only this season, or it may apply for the duration of Mike Riley's time as head coach. We don't know what's going to happen, but I keep watching these games as if some switch is going to get turned on with our players and they'll suddenly be one of the best defenses/offenses in the nation.

They have the talent, right? Right?

I haven't figured out where I'm at with this. I'm in denial. I'm not in denial. I don't know.

Depression and Anxiety

The lady who played the part of "depressed lady in heart rehab video" was so damned depressing I was depressed after watching it. Depression plays a big part in your recovery from a serious life event. You spend time wondering "Why Me?" - why are most of the people in my cardio rehab sessions much older than I am?

Shouldn't this have happened ten years from now? Why were there no warning signs? Why didn't any of my earlier physicals show that there was a potential for such a severe heart problem?

Why the hell did Wisconsin's kicker make that second field goal? Why did Tommy Armstrong throw that damned interception against Miami? Why the blasted shit can't our secondary turn around and look for the ball?

Damn. This season is depressing. I'm not going to stop watching, though, because of hope.

Lose that and I don't know what happens.

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Then There's This

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