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Mike Riley News Conference Recap (10/12/2015): Pass Better to Run Better

Before Mike Riley spoke, the Big Ten announced that Nebraska's game versus Northwestern in Lincoln will kick off at 11 am central time, and will be televised on one of the ABC/ESPN platforms. Mike Riley started off by talking positives.

Yep, the punter.

Getting Big Vinny back is a big boost to the defense.

On offense, if you think things are a muddled mess, you might be right.

I think part of the offense's issues the last two weeks has been a shift to throwing more deep passes and fewer underneath routes. That hasn't been effective at all.

The following tweet should tell you everything you need to know about Mike Riley's offensive philosophy.

I've suspected that Riley subscribes to the pass-first thinking on offense, and now my suspicions are confirmed.

Maybe that's moving forward, because it didn't look like that against Wisconsin. Frankly, I'm not sure what they were thinking about running backs last Saturday.

I was wondering what happened to Weber on Saturday. He's going to be missed, especially if Banderas can't fill in for him. It would be really nice to get Michael Rose-Ivey back on the field, but I wouldn't rush him back.

This would be good:

Observers before the Wisconsin game noticed that Pierson-El was still struggling with fielding punts before the game - hence, Jordan Westerkamp was sent back there. Hopefully, he's got his yips worked out.

How has the team responded to this season's struggles?

As long as nobody else pulls a groin, that sounds promising.

Get him some snaps at I-back then.

Jack Gangwish also spoke:

That, everyone, is a captain.