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With apologies to the late, great Yogi Berra, it's deja vu all over again for the Huskers. After suffering three narrow, heartbreaking losses, the Wisconsin Badgers come into Memorial Stadium and do it again, this time on a Rafael Gaglianone 46 yard field goal with :04 remaining.

The Huskers are battered, physically and mentally. How broken are they? Time will tell, but the question lingers: just how much more of this can the Huskers take and still hold things together. The fight was there. The execution was not. Perhaps these are just the growing pains that accompanies a coaching change. Changes in culture, system, style; perhaps the mixture of it it all, when you include depth and talent difficiencies in some key spots and perhaps none of this should be a suprise.

When you continually look up "last time since..." stats and they're all negative AND go back 60 years or more, it is a little difficult to fathom just what is happening at Dear 'Ole Nebraska U these days.

Nevertheless, the Huskers are where they are: 2-4. We'll see what they can cobble together with the pieces of their psyché that remain and head to Minneapolis where they will take on a Gophers squad that got right this week with a big win over Purdue.

The Huskers could use one of those. Oh, yeah, the Huskers will look to break two two-game losing streaks: overall and vs. the Gophers. Buckle up for another tumultuous week in Nebraska.