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Wisconsin Rips Out What's Left Of Nebraska's Heart 23-21

23-21 Wisconsin.

It came down to the last offensive play by the opposing team just like it did in all the other Nebraska's losses this season, and once again, the home team, the lovable team, the team that's the representation of all that's good and holy, LOSES in the end.

Nebraska had their hopes raised late in the fourth quarter when fullback Andy Janovich ran through tacklers and found open field to score on a 55-yard touchdown run to put Nebraska ahead 21-20.

Nebraska fans knew the game wasn't over. Janovich scored with 3:38 left, giving the Badgers far too much time. Wisconsin got the ball back, marched downfield against a somewhat gassed defense and got themselves into field goal range.

Wisconsin's fat kicker Rafael Gaglianone lined up with 1:26 left, then doinked the ball off the cross bar so hard that it'll probably sway until Wednesday. Nebraska fans breathed a sign of relief that this game might go their way.

Nebraska got the ball, then ran three straight running plays, including Janovich up the middle on a third and seven that was designed to not use enough clock. Wisconsin got the ball back on their 30, the Joel Stave connected on enough passes to give Gaglianone another chance.

This time he would not miss.

Nebraska falls to 2-4, a record they haven't seen sine 1959. The Huskers have four losses by a combined 11 points. All came with 15 seconds left in the game or as was the case at Miami, overtime.

I don't know what you've done in your life so that Nebraska deserves such misery, but it's time for it to stop. There will be a lot of witch hunting this week, and it shouldn't be just coaches who are burned alive. We need to discover all the evil that is within the state of Husker fandom and kill it with fire.