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Nebraska vs. Wisconsin: Week 6 Predictions

The Corn Nation staff picks this week's winners, including Huskers/Badgers

It's a couple of years old. People still feel the same way.
It's a couple of years old. People still feel the same way.
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Husker Mike:  A whole bunch of craptastic games this week, with a couple of games that you wouldn’t have thought would be competitive back when the season started.

Patrick G: Remember in 2007 when UNO went 10-1 and Nebraska went 5-7? The avs were pretty proud of themselves. Guess what, Mavs have since lost football and we…, that went nowhere quick.

Adam: Well here goes another week of College Football. Let’s just say this week’s slate of games isn’t great…

Pat Janssen: It’s officially Wisconsin week, as my sphincter has reached abnormally tight levels. I have no clue what to expect, and my anxiety is as high as it’s been for a Nebraska game in a while. God help us all if Bucky rushes for infinity yards again.

Joe: ugh.

Ranchbabe: My preseason predictions have held up beautifully. I absolutely knew our talented secondary wouldn’t miss a beat. I also was pretty sure Langsdorf and Riley would get really familiar with the zone read and option because there was no way they could turn Tommy into a top 20 passing quarterback. No way. OK, what’s next?

Greg: I’m not going to lie. I marked out when they ran the triple option last week. What I don’t understand is why they ran it the first quarter. And then it ghosted on us when we needed it the most at the end of the game. Let me tell you, friends, that was one cold game to sit through for the ending it had. And it was a quiet drive back home down I-57 when it was all said and done.

Brian: This whole selection makes me weep.

Northwestern (+7.5) at Michigan

Nathaniel: I’m surprised the spread for this will be so high considering this will be a defensive chess match. Northwestern will miss a couple field goals and end up costing them in the end.

Michigan 9 Northwestern 6

Andy: Actually, I thought this would be competitive, but not in a good way. This does have the makings of a game that only a team’s own fans can appreciate. B1G. Feel the excitement. Michy 14 Directional 11

Patrick G: I am surprised that both of these teams are doing as well as they are. Honestly, I figured Michigan would have the season Nebraska is right now. With this game I see NW already past it’s peak and Michigan still getting better. All the Wildcat fans go home to their new jobs at Conagra…..too soon?

Michigan 27 Northwestern 10

Husker Mike: Harbaugh can coach; whether it’s sustainable remains to be seen. And Northwestern might be doing this with a bit of smoke and mirrors.  It’ll be a defensive game...but remember, this is the age offense.  Weasels 21, NW 10

Adam: An interesting Big Ten matchup. Two great defenses. Two horrible offenses. The first team that reaches 21 wins this game. Michigan 21 Northwestern 17.

Joe:Man, I don’t like Harbaugh.  That said you have to admit he’s a damn good coach.  Northwestern is a decent team, but Michigan has much better athletes and now has a quality coach.  The clock strikes midnight and the wildcats turn back into Pumpkins.  Michigan 38- Northwestern16

Ranchbabe: I would prefer the purple Cats pull this out. But they won’t. More Harbaugh love fests in the media. Sigh. Mich 21 NW 10

Greg: Has midnight struck on ol’ Cinderella Northwestern? I’m not convinced they have peaked. I think that happens this week or next. But I do think that Michigan is simply too athletic. Wolverines have a rocket on their backs right now whereas the Wildcats have slowed down just a bit. I think NW covers the spread, but Michigan wins in the big house, 24-20.

Brian: I actually think now that Michigan is… good? Better than NW. Wolverines knock the cats down.

Minnesota (-3.5) at Purdue

Nathaniel: Purdue has played a lot of decent opponents close over the last few weeks so they will be more than ready to face Minnesota. Unfortunately I think it boils down to another close loss for Purdue.

Minnesota 17 Purdue 14

Andy: Gross. Please tell me this isn’t televised. Gophers 12 Purdue 12. (Refs call contest after 22 OT’s)

Patrick G: I believe in Hazell, and more importantly I believe in his hat.  The guy wears one like a badass. The Boilermakers are also play some decent football considering they have the talent of a MAC team. MInnesota on the other hand is a walking graveyard of injuries, especially on offense.

Hazell Hat 21 Minnesota 9

Joe: Yea, who is gonna watch this game?  Not me.  The better team will win 24-17.  Which team is that?  You have to watch the game to find out.  I know you won’t.

Husker Mike: In my preview, I thought Purdue would upset somebody this season. Almost did it last week; they do it this week.  Gophers are too banged up.  Boilers 27, Goofers 20

Adam: This will probably one of the most boring games of the week. I will plan on not going out of my way to watch this one. Minnesota 21 Purdue 14.

Ranchbabe: I feel bad for Minny. I think their injury [bad]luck exceeds even Nebraska 2013 levels and they are not even half way through the season. As far as Purdue, they actually resemble a football team from time to time. There WILL be safeties. This game will break the record for most safeties in a college game ever. Minny 8 Boilers 4

Greg: I don’t even know what to say. This game looks like it to be full of everything we love AND hate about college football. If you’re a betting person, you’re probably not doing it on this game. But I’ll be the guy that goes out on a limb and says Minnesota. Because why the hell not?!?

Brian: I don’t really think Minnesota is healthy enough to win this game, to be honest. Purdue looks like the sexy pick here. Then again.. it is Purdue…..  screw it. BOILER UP.

Miami (+9) at Florida State

Nathaniel: Night game at a packed Doak Campbell Stadium? This won’t end well for the U. They probably end getting a couple sideline warnings in a 40-20 loss to the Noles.

Andy: This loss continues to look worse & worse. Al Golden stays true to his infallible strategy of railing on the refs from opening kickoff to final gun. FSU 37 Miami 10

Patrick G: Some might see this as a rivalry game that will end up being really good. I see this as a beatdown at the hands of FSU. The Noles have been underperforming so far but will take advantage of a disillusioned Cane team. Cincy is good, but they shouldn’t have beaten Miami. Golden is on the hot seat and this loss with carry him out.

Florida State 34 Miami 17

Husker Mike: Not sure how this is a nine point spread. Miami’s Golden age is fast coming to an end. ‘Noles 31, ‘Canes 16

Joe: I guess this would be cool for the Huskers if Miami won.  These are not teams I EVER root for.  In these games I always want the higher ranked team to lose.  At least Golston found a school where the term "academic fraud" doesn’t exist.  Canes 29- Noles 26

Adam: There’s nothing better than rivalry games in College Football. Here’s a classic one right here. Florida State is one of the most intimidating venues in all of College Football, especially at night. I’ll take the home team here! But expect a close game. Florida State 38 Miami 35.

Ranchbabe: If FSU loses to Al Golden, I am pretty sure #FSUtwitter might actually break the Internet. Then, everyone will communicate via airplane banner. "C’mon honey, get the oil changed already - these banners are expensive!". No one wants this. FSU 32 Miami 27

Greg: Florida State wins this one going away. Someone turns up the heat on Al’s seat and the boosters start holding the door open for him as he quietly heads towards the exit. 45-27 Noles

Brian: FSU gonna trample Miami and the banners fly more and more next week for Al Golden’s ass.

Oklahoma State (+7) at West Virginia

Andy: The college football equivalent of Road House. There may be very little in the way of quality, but it should be entertaining as shit. WVU informs the Cowboys they used to screw guys like them in prison and executes an 78 yard, :51 second drive for the win. Because with :51 left, it’s time to not be nice. WVU 45 THE Oklahoma State University 42

Patrick G: Not sure what to make of this game right off the bat. WVU has some blowout wins against bad teams and a bad loss to a good team. OSU has some close wins against teams that are showing to be on down years. I’m going to throw the dice towards the Mountaineers. Red Bull will overtake being a man.

West Virginia 34 Oklahoma State 17

Nathaniel: Welcome to the Big 12. Where hundreds of points are scored and the field goals don’t matter. Cowboys 50 Mountaineers 49

Husker Mike: This might be the future of football, as teams play 7 on 7 wide-open spread football with no tackling.  Can’t get concussed pushing guys out of bounds.  Arena football lives! Blue Rednecks 54, Orange Rednecks 42

Adam: Do you like points? Do you like touchdowns? Then this is the game for you! Here’s an old-fashioned Big 12 shootout! Oklahoma State is coming off a close win over Kansas State. I expect them to come out a little flat, but recover in the second half. Oklahoma State 56 West Virginia 49.

Joe:Did you guys know Barry Sanders (SR.) almost came to Nebraska?  That’s the most interesting thing about Oklahoma State.  You know it’s the scheme and not the players when you realize that Geno Smith was a stat monster at W. Virginia.  I like how the Big 12 is basically turning into the run and shoot league.  This might be a good game to tune into the 4th quarter for.  OK st. 56- W. Virginia 57.

Ranchbabe: This game is going to steal all the points from the Purdue - Minnesota one. The Cowboys get lost trying to find West Virginia. When they get there, both teams proceed to score on their first eleventy-jillion possessions, but Okie Lite has to kick a field goal on one of them instead. That’s the difference. Mountaineers 56 OSU 52 West Virginia fans burn couches because they didn’t get to 60.

Greg: Do you like burning couches? do you like large, plastic, unrealistic mascot heads? Then this is the game for you! Dear God - there won’t be a single sack in this game. And that makes me sad. Oklahoma State wins it because Orange and Black is the new black...or something. Only one team gets to 50, and it’s the Cowboys I dislike slightly less than those in Dallas.

Brian: West Virginia has a Defense, but Oklahoma State isn’t terrible. It’ll be better than the 11am shitfest at the Texas State Fair. Cowboys win.

Wisconsin (+1.5) at Nebraska

Andy: After Alabama, Stave has not looked impressive, so Banker’s pass D should easily hold him under 350 yards. However, his vomiting uncontrollably every time they enter the red zone will keep the Huskers in the game.

On the other side of the ball, Tommy gets the offense moving by pretending a contact fell out, so he can’t see the play signals from the sideline. Nebraska converts 95% of 3rd & 4th and short  situations by running QB sneaks while Riley & Langsdorf madly signal for double reverse option passes in which passing is not allowed.

The Big 10 network strongly considers switching to a Maryland-Indiana field hockey rerun due to angry phone calls, but they bravely stay with a game in which Wiscy’s punter whiffs and falls on his ass and Nebraska recovers on the Badger 3 with :38 seconds left. After a sack, an incomplete fade pass, and touchdowns called back by 3 straight holding penalties, Drew Brown on 4th and goal from the 38, nails a 55-yarder for the victory. Huskers 19 Badgers 18 GBR

Patrick G: I’m going to try keep this one short because we could all probably go on forever right now. Wisconsin has me scratchin my head with their offence but their defense is playing at a pretty good level. Nebraska should win if they keep them from scoring more than 14 points which I think we could do even with a 2nd and 3rd string DL and LB core. As good as their defense is, NU should put up 21 on them. However, the intangible that is bouncing around in my head is the state of the team after the Illinois loss and the rumors swirling around 1 Memorial Drive. Something not very good is going to happen.

Wisconsin 17 Nebraska 13

Nathaniel: I have no idea what’s going to happen in this game which I guess will add a lot of intrigue to the game. How good will the Wisconsin passing game be? Will the Husker running game improve? It will be a wacky game complete with a last second field goals by the Huskers to win 27-24.

Husker Mike: I was leaning towards picking Nebraska initially. Wisconsin’s offense is hurting, with their top receiver (Alex Erickson) getting a concussion last week and their top tight end out for a month with a shoulder injury. But Erickson returned to practice on Thursday, so that gives the Badgers’ passing game their best weapon through the air.

Then I saw the weather forecast.

25 mph winds, certainly gusting harder than that? That’s going to make the passing game really rough for the Huskers once again. Did Mike Riley learn his lesson last week? He may have, but may not want to fully embrace it facing Wisconsin’s stout rush defense.

I do think that we’ll see Jordan Stevenson in the backfield at some point, and he might be motivated just a wee bit.  But I suspect the damage will already be done.  I don’t think this is a fourth quarter collapse, but I also don’t think there is a fourth quarter comeback ready either.  Badgers 24, Huskers 16.

Adam: Here’s Nebraska’s big rival. (As mentioned in my CornNation article this week.) Nebraska needs to win this game. It’s as simple as that. Their backs are against the wall, lost all momentum. But the game is at Memorial Stadium. I expect a very loud and intimidating atmosphere. And this atmosphere helps Nebraska in a convincing, surprising win. Nebraska 38 Wisconsin 21.

Joe: My superstition of not picking the scores in Nebraska Games has really backfired.  As has me picking the Huskers to win, so in a blatant effort to unjinx myself I’m picking Wisconsin 21-20.  If we lose be sure to tune into the Cobcast which is being recorded live during the game at the same place we did the game last year.  That turned out great.  Listen to last years if you want to hear Ryan become the saddest little boy who ever lived.  Tragic.

Ranchbabe: I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what new and painful way the Huskers can lose a game this year. After wallowing in that or a while I decided to refuse to think negatively. Instead, Nebraska trots out their new running back that Reggie Davis spent all of Friday assembling out of the best parts from his stable and some dried sweat scraped off Ameer Abdullah’s shoulder pads from last year. The fearsome Ozig-Cro-New-Jano-Bon-Steve rushes for over 250 yards and catches 3 passes for 35 more. Huskers 27 Badgers 24

Greg: Not all is well in the great Cornhusker State. But it is my opinion that a win over Wisconsin will help stem the tide and maybe (doubtful, but MAYBE) get some people off the backs of this coaching staff. Huskers win it by at least 7 but no more than 13. GBR!

Brian: No idea what Nebraska team shows up. It’s almost like the fanbase BEGS for the all-male drama from week to week. I don’t think Wisconsin’s D is as good as they’d like to tell you, but at the same time Joel Stave throwing to beat Nebraska is a bad thought to have.

Brains say Wisconsin but guts and honor says Nebraska. So… Nebraska? Because eventually, no matter how hurt or how many distractions are abound, you have to decide to just shut up, suit up, sack up and go play. Eventually, pride matters. For Nebraska, it’s the season to either right and keep in a good motion or lose completely.