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Thursday Night Football - The Game Thread!

Lookie, lookie what we have on tonight!

Alabama State at Texas Southern 6:30 pm ESPNU
Miami at Cincinnati 6:30 pm ESPN

Miami vs Cincy!

Cincinnati is 69th in passing defense, giving up 217.3 yards per game. Their run defense is 77th, allowing 172.25 yards per game. Should Cincinnati's defense have a better showing against Miami than Nebraska's count on everyone pointing that out to you repeatedly, especially on social media.

Your NFL game tonight is:

Baltimore Ravens at Pittsburgh Steelers - 7:30 PM - CBS

I don't know much about these teams. Isn't Big Ben injured? Aren't you really watching because of your fantasy team?

Alternate Topics:

- Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Giant Spider Attacks: If you had to live in an area that had one of these occur on a yearly basis, which would it be?

- Your favorite Pumpkin-flavored food.

- Shouldn't they come up with a law that prevents new slang words from being invented? I can't keep up.