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Corn Flakes: Doom And Gloomers Shouldn't Keep You From Enjoying Nebraska Football

This is week five of college football season - the Big Ten Conference season is upon us. Goals for the season are still intact - Win the Big Ten West and make it to the conference championship game - and at this point there is no real reason as to why Nebraska can't accomplish that goal... unless you want to be a whiny doom gloom-saying sonofabitch that brings everyone around you down because you're miserable and want everyone else to be miserable as well.

I have decided that I'm going to enjoy this football season no matter what. If we win, I am going to revel in the victory, no matter the opponent. They don't have to win by 21 over what I perceive to be a mediocre team. They don't have to run the ball more than they throw it. They don't have to get seven sacks. Andy Janovich doesn't have to get a carry or a reception in every game.

There isn't a style requirement this season. If you have one I suggest you drop it.... unless you're one of those that is determined to be disappointed and angry in this football team no matter what happens.

If we lose, I'm going to marvel at our suckage which will probably on defense. Then I'm going to hope for better times.

For a guy that runs a web site about Nebraska football, I should be yanking your chain a lot more than I'm doing. I am slowly recovering from this heart attack but stamina yet evades me. When it returns.... I will reap vengeance upon all of you!

Previews and Such

Court Rules N.C.A.A. ‘Is Not Above Antitrust Laws’ - The New York Times

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals found that N.C.A.A. rules preventing athletes from making money off television broadcasts and video games that feature the athletes’ likenesses violated antitrust law.

Uh, I don't think that's a really good synopsis of this ruling, but isn't the 9th Circuit Court always getting overturned by the Supreme Court?

Court explains why EA Sports could bring back 'NCAA Football' at some point -

This doesn't guarantee EA will choose to bring the game back, but shows a reason why it could. The ruling itself affirms one new source of player compensation but walks back another.

I could handle a new NCAA football from EA, especially given the PS4 and Xbox One consoles. I'd buy it in a heartbeat.... you hear that, EA?

Indiana-Ohio State Fan FAQ: Should the Buckeyes be worried about Cardale Jones? - The Crimson Quarry
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Doofus tendencies die hard even after removing the Alpha Doofus.

This week in the power rankings: Is Iowa's offense finally above average? Just how good is Michigan? Just how bad is Maryland? And more hatin' on the 4-0 Hoosiers.

Nate Williams: Analyzing non-conference play, Northwestern's 4-0 start - Inside NU
Former Northwestern linebacker Nate Williams is back!

Maryland running back Brandon Ross is having the best season of his career - Testudo Times
The senior running back is on pace for career highs in every major category. What's behind his growth?

Big Ten Network cancels pregame visit to Maryland due to Hurricane Joaquin threat - Testudo Times
The potential threat posed by Hurricane Joaquin this weekend caused the network to pull the plug on their planned visit to College Park.

Northwestern to wear gothic uniforms against Minnesota - Inside NU
Northwestern will wear its gothic uniform combination when it hosts Minnesota on Saturday, according to pictures obtained by George Eisenhauer.

Minnesota Football vs Northwestern: Preview - Key Matchups - The Daily Gopher

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Zach Pereles, contributor at the NW SBNation blog Inside NU took some time to answer our questions about the upcoming showdown between the Gophers and the Wildcats.

Purdue at Michigan State Preview - Hammer and Rails
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Students Give Landslide Victory to UAB Football in Student Fee Vote - Underdog Dynasty
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Leonard Fournette: Leaving Early and Loving LSU - And The Valley Shook

Whether Leonard Fournette wants to leave LSU early or not is irrelevant: he has no choice.

Taking a molehill and making it a mountain. I will agree with the LSU writer in spirit - I hate it when NFL guys write about this kind of stuff because they're mostly fucking whores for the NFL. There is no perspective but the NFL perspective. There is no motive but the $$$$.

NFL guys see the league as this big spaceship and the rest of us are whirling in the vacuum of space wanting so desperately wanting to get in because there is no existence outside it.

T.W.I.S., where totally unhinged Texas fans overwhelm everyone else's anger -

Welcome to This Week In Schadenfreude, your weekly roundup of the angriest college football fans, from sea to shining s-/BIG TWELVE OFFICIALS SOLD BEVO TO THE RUSSIANS.

Texas.... wow. They're still beating their drum about the officials and how they're corrupt and out to get them even though their football team sucks.


Tate: These aren't your parents' Cornhuskers |

From the days of 1983 Heisman Trophy winner Mike Rozier through last year’s super-back Ameer Abdullah — and including the likes of infamous Lawrence Phillips (now in prison) and Packers all-time leading rusher Ahman Green — Nebraska established a reputation for a crushing ground attack.

Nothing really new here for Husker fans... but could the phrase "Chew on this" get used more often by sports columnists?

Cheat Sheet: Illinois-Nebraska | Hail Varsity
Game time, TV info, fun facts and much more on Saturday's Illinois-Nebraska game.

Perlman: UNL must keep moving forward | UNL Newsroom | University of Nebraska–Lincoln

UNL is making vast strides and its overall momentum is unmistakable – and yet, UNL has arrived at a key point in its history where faculty and staff will almost certainly be challenged as they continue to reach toward further excellence, Chancellor Harvey Perlman told faculty and staff Sept. 30 in his 15th and final State of the University address.

Perlman's time at Nebraska is coming to an end. No doubt some will rejoice, blaming him for the football team's inability to feed their ego over the past, oh, 10-15 years. That's what you get when you think your state's flagship university is a football factory.

As an alum, I think Perlman's done a good job. He steered us into a conference where academics is prized and Nebraska (THE STATE NOT THE FOOTBALL TEAM) will benefit from that change for years to come.