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HuskerOnline: Avery Moss Will Not Be Returning to Nebraska

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Eric Francis/Getty Images

Sean Callahan of HuskerOnline reports that defensive end Avery Moss remains banned from the University of Nebraska.

Moss was banned from campus dorms after a December 2012 incident where he exposed his genitals to a campus convenience worker.  It was escalated to a campus-wide ban in December 2013 when he returned to a campus dorm before the ban had expired.  Moss had an opportunity to appeal his ban, but the ban has been upheld.

Moss had returned to Lincoln, working at a local auto dealership, in order to show his worthiness for a second chance, but that apparently made no difference. Former Nebraska coach Bo Pelini might have been Moss' best chance to convince the administration to change it's mind, but Pelini's dismissal made that unlikely.