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Vine St. Hooligans Ep. 16: Ft. Husker Hoops Central's Matt Knobbe

The Hooligans discuss Nebraska basketball recruiting, fan expectations, and more with Husker Hoops Central's Matt Knobbe. The College Football Playoff, Mike Riley's coaching staff, Nebrasketball's recent skid and the outlook for the rest of the team's season are also discussed.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

The Hooligans return from their extended break to discuss the College Football Playoff, Nebrasketball's recent woes, Mike Riley's coaching hires and more! Here are the highlights from this edition of the Vine St. Hooligans podcast:

  • Husker Hoops Central's Matt Knobbe stops by to drop some knowledge and provide hope regarding all things Nebrasketball. He also waxes poetic about the world of Tecmo Super Bowl.
  • Joe discusses the geographic profile of all of college football's AP National Champions over the last half century.
  • Derek and Nick debate whether it's time to panic about the current state of Nebrasketball.
  • Mike Riley's staff is compared to Bo Pelini's.
  • ESPN legend Stuart Scott is honored at the end of the show.

The second trivia question winner is announced! Community member CFBSuperfan83 submitted the correct answer to last episode's trivia question. Mike Riley had four top 25 finishes in his stints at Oregon State.

There isn't a trivia question this week, but rather a poll. Check out the poll at the bottom of this post and let us know what you think of the odds that Nebrasketball makes the tourney.

Feel free to jump right into the podcast by clicking the play button below or you can check out the show notes at the bottom of this post for detailed information about the segments and music included in the show. Enjoy!

Show Notes
0:00:18 Intro
0:01:32 Trivia Question Winner/Poll Question
0:02:59 Stat of the Week
0:11:17 #HuskerHotTake: Nebrasketball
0:24:49 Matt Knobbe Interview
0:45:46 Nebraska Tourism Commercial
0:47:05 Mike Riley's Staff
0:59:12 Closing Thoughts

0:00:14 You Get What You Give - New Radicals
0:24:41 Thrill of It - Robert Randolph & The Family Band
0:46:06 The Fountains of Rome (Respighi) - London Symphony Orchestra
1:04:36 I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas

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