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Corn Flakes: Mike Riley Staff And The End Cometh Soon!

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Mike Riley had his introductory presser yesterday, introducing all of his staff except for the one that hasn't been filled - the receivers' assistant coach position. Impressions overall are favorable - Riley and his staff seem to know how to handle the media very well. This probably isn't too unlike any other coaching hire at the beginning, although you have to wonder if any other fan base would be as anal about each of the assistant coaching positions.

We learned that Ron Brown will not be retained, and really wasn't asked, either. This either has you apoplectic or excited depending upon whether you thought Brown was good/bad or loved/hated his personal world views. I don't care either way. Riley has a right to chose his staff as he will succeed or not with them at Nebraska, and this idea that other coaches can't be good role models for young men is, frankly, idiotic.

Ron Brown will be fine; as the cliche' goes when a door closes another one opens. Those who go through life in fear of losing their jobs because they fear what might happen next have a hard time understanding that concept, but trust me, opportunity doesn't only knock once. Opportunity knocks as many times as you're willing to listen and act.

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The new Husker HC will join Pat Narduzzi and Dan Mullen on last year's very popular side presentation of the National Championship Game.

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It just doesn't feel right swearing when talking about Coach Riley. It's like cussing in front of your grandmother.

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Nebraska assistants met with the media. What did we learn?

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Head coach Mike Riley welcomed eight new assistant coaches Thursday at Memorial Stadium

Riley still mulling WR opening
Nebraska head coach Mike Riley said he is narrowing in on a hire for his last vacant assistant coaching position -- the wide receiver spot. "We are just about done," Riley said Thursday. "I’m in the process of looking at four or five people and will interview them in the next four or five days as we go forward."

AP News : Nebraska football coach Riley appreciates welcome so far
Mike Riley spent his first month as Nebraska's new football coach assembling his staff, securing pledges from recruits and getting a feel for the personnel he'll work with this spring. He also found out on the day he arrived that nearly everybody in Lincoln seemed to know him.

Bray talks Blackshirt tradition

Fear not, Husker fans. Mike Riley and his staff are well aware of Nebraska's Blackshirt tradition and its importance.

We can all stop shitting ourselves now. No, wait. Did someone mention a fullback? ARRGGGGHHHHH

Riley introduces new coaching staff - Daily Nebraskan: Sports
Nebraska coach Mike Riley held a press conference on Thursday afternoon, introducing eight out of nine staff members who will be leading the Husker football program.


National Title Game

There is but one game left this season; the first-ever COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE GAME between Ohio State and Oregon Monday night.

Jim Harbaugh says he'll be rooting for Ohio State against Oregon - Land-Grant Holy Land
What a lying sack of shit scum-assed dirtbag. Don't believe him for an instant. It's a setup. It's reverse psychology.

Cardale Jones plays kid in hospital in NCAA Football, runs up score -

To be fair, a visit from Ohio State's sudden star QB still appears to have brightened young Jared's day.

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Are you making the trek to Dallas to actually see the game? A stadium employee helpfully gives us the ins and outs of the stadium and area.

Yeah, 'cause I can afford that trip, those tickets, and pay for whatever outrageously priced crap they'll sell at the game.

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We break down how the Buckeyes can score on the Oregon defense according to the advanced stats.

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Dude got paaaaaaaaaid.

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Jameis Winston is off to the NFL. Who could replace him for Florida State?

IT'S A TRICK QUESTION NO ONE CAN REPLACE JAMEIS! (Who gonna steal them crab legs next?)

It Sadly Unclear Whether This Article Will Put Lives At Risk | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

Reports further confirmed that to somehow use this article—or indeed any article or any piece of self-expression—as a pretext to violence, let alone deadly violence, is simply impossible to justify and should never, ever transpire in human civilization.

I am Charlie.