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Corn Flakes: Thursday's Non-Crappy Netflix Movie of the Week

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Welcome to Corn Flakes where I am now determined to talk about most things not sports for at least a while if not until the beginning of next football season.

We may have a weekly beer/drink flakes. Maybe books too. We'll see. Other recommendations will be taken into consideration.

However, Thursdays will be set aside for recommending a Netflix Non-Shitty Movie of the Week. This is a weekly item that will be specifically targeted towards finding the good movies on Netflix. Obviously there are tons of movies, TV shows, documentaries and comic specials on Netflix. Many are horrid, such as Kevin Costner's "Revenge", which has stars galore, but is so cliche'd and flawed that it's nearly comical.

Some like "Wolf of Wall Street" or "There Will Be Blood" are well known.

Those aren't the movies I'll be talking about. What we'll be trying to find are the hidden gems, the movies that aren't very well known, but are hard to find and worth watching.

Movies are subjective. Not everyone likes foreign films, particularly those with subtitles. I have no problem with them. My taste (if you can call it that) is pretty varied. I am not picky and I have penchant towards cheesy science fiction and foreign martial arts movies. I might even throw in some anime. I do not watch a lot of stupid comedies. I probably should, but I don't.

For this week:

In an alternate reality where "frequencies" determine one's level of success in life, low-end Zak falls for Marie, who's much farther up the scale.

Quirky sci-fi love tale. Interesting concept. Drags a little bit towards the end, and is a little cheesy, but you can do much worse in terms of quirky sci-fi.

Unfinished Sky
Taciturn farmer John Woldring is living on his own in the Australian Outback when a terrified woman who speaks little English appears on his property.

Australian. A little bit on the chick flick side but there's enough violence in it for guys too.

Saints and Soldiers
In a story based on real events, a small band of Allied soldiers struggle behind enemy lines with information that could save thousands of lives.
Saints and Soldiers: Airborne Creed
After landing in enemy territory during World War II, three American paratroopers risk their lives to rescue a group of French resistance fighters.

Two World War II movies. I'm a sucker for war movies. There are some real stinkers out there (lousy acting, horrible dialogue and unbelievable situations), but the Saints and Soldiers movies are very well done. The characters are deep, the dialogue is excellent, and the acting is well done. Q&A with Prince Amukamara
"At first I didn’t like it, because they switched me to defense and I wanted to transfer.  And then we got Bo Pelini there (in 2008, as head coach). I said, ‘Hey, can I play offense? That’s what I was supposed to play, but they switched me.’ He said, ‘I have no problem with you playing offense, but I’ve coached a lot of DBs and I feel like you can make a lot of money one day playing this position.’ Sure enough, he was right."

Who will win the Oregon-Ohio State championship game? Let's ask 'The Oregon Trail' - Land-Grant Holy Land
Forget advanced stats and film study. Who does "The Oregon Trail" say will win the Ohio State-Oregon game?

THE GARCIAS GET A NEW CAR - Every Day Should Be Saturday


I find this commercial irritating as hell, too.

Report: Joe Rudolph will join Wisconsin's staff as offensive coordinator - Bucky's 5th Quarter
Reports indicate Paul Chryst has secured his right-hand man for the Badgers. Plus, the names of a few other targets we may see more about in the next few days.

2015 Outback Bowl: Anatomy of a Trick Play - College and Magnolia
A controversial play call in overtime doomed the Tigers' hopes of winning the 2015 Outback Bowl. What was Gus Malzahn thinking?

Firing Tom Crean: The Pelini Precaution - The Crimson Quarry

With every loss on this Indiana basketball season more and more chatter comes up about making a coaching switch. The problem is we've seen a high profile football team in the Big Ten recently do that and at first blush it didn't go so well.

I don't even know what to say about this one.

Report: Bob Shoop Will Interview For LSU's Defensive Coordinator Job - Black Shoe Diaries

UAB Blazers Indoor Practice Facility Was Nearly Reality: What Happened? - Underdog Dynasty

We've been given access to one set of blueprints for the proposed indoor practice facility for UAB football. Why didn't it get too see the light of day?

Someone should be at least fired for what happened at UAB, and by someone I mean someone besides all the football people. I don't see how you can have your University president continue in his current position at this rate.

Ethan's Battle with Brain Cancer by Ryan Lenhoff - GoFundMe

In the fall of 2014, little Ethan of Harrisburg, South Dakota, started having symptoms that left his mom and dad worried. He stopped breathing. After a few tests and then an MRI, the Lenhoff family knew they had a long road ahead.

Part of Ryan Tweedy's family could use your help, please.