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Corn Flakes: Beer Is Running Out Of Names

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Beer Helmet!!!!
Beer Helmet!!!!
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Craft Brewers Keep Accidentally Infringing on Each Other's Trademarks - Eater

As the craft beer industry continues to boom, brewers are running out of ideas — as far as clever names for their beers go, anyway.

I like beer. I'm sure many of you do also.

I like craft beers, some of them. I'm not going to bother listing my favorites, but I will say that about 80-90% of the ones I've had aren't really that good. Most of those that aren't fail in aftertaste.

I'm partial to buying 12-pack samplers, mostly because I don't like drinking 12 of the same beer in a row. Of 12-pack samplers I am partial to Leinenkugels, or at least I was up until a few weeks ago when they included Winter's Bite in their sampler.

I am not a bitter beer guy. I am not a hops guy. I don't care for IPA's. I don't care for Surly. There seems to be this snobbery about bitter beer, that if you don't like bitter beer you're some kind of wimpy guy and therefore not a real beer guy. I am already a bitter person - I fail to see how adding more bitterness to me is going to do anyone any good.

I don't understand guys who spend time worrying about how a beer feels or smells. Maybe I don't make a big enough deal over it. One of my favorite beers is Boddington's. I tend to mix it with Guinness. Not together, mind you, but first a Boddington's, then a Guinness. It's like a meal.

Leinenkugels has an excellent mix of beers. They've seemed to go a little overboard with the Shandys, but there's been few I've hated. Okay, only one, the aforementioned Winter's Bite. Winter's Bite tastes like a beaver shit on a rotting oak tree and both were stuck in a tank of water with a bunch of old socks your grandfather wore in the 1950s, finally found three months ago in an attic in Eugene.

Maybe they should have named it "Beaver Shit On An Old Sock". I'm sure they wouldn't have run into trouble with the name.

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And Finally....

A season for change: The Mike Riley offense, past and future - Big Red Today Blog

Mike Riley's offense had hit a rut at Oregon State. Does it change at Nebraska?

Sam McKewon doing what McKewon does best and that is football analysis.

We've made a lot about Mike Riley and his "pro style" offense without really considering what "pro style" means. I had one coach (JUCO) explain to me when I asked that "pro style" simply meant that the offensive play calls are split between position groups, i.e., the line gets a call that's separate from the receivers and that is separate from the backfield. I would guess that for most people "pro style" means I formation, two tight ends, inside zone, outside zone, and lots of short and medium passing routes.

I've seen fans mention fear of Nebraska moving away from running the ball; apparently "pro style" to them means throwing it 80% of the time, but when you look at the stats at Oregon State from when Danny Lansdorf was in charge of the offense you'll see a remarkable balance between running and passing with the exception of a couple years that lean towards the pass.

We've complained about Tim Beck but as McKewon points out, Nebraska has been pretty darned good at running the ball and generating points during his time as offensive coordinator under Pelini. Beck could be maddening at times, granted, but one has to wonder how much of that was Pelini's influence, specifically, keeping starting quarterbacks in the game when they were either struggling or the game was already out of reach.

We probably should be paying more attention to the fact that Riley said he would change his offense to fit his personnel.

Bottom line - I don't think anyone really knows what Riley plans to run as his offense. I don't think Mike Riley really knows - that's what he and Langsdorf are going to figure out over the next few months.

The spring game will be very interesting this season. We'll get a glimpse of what's in store this season. And of course, the new offense will need a name.

Let's just hope we don't end up calling it "Beaver Shit On An Old Sock".