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Media Microscope Results: Jon Johnston of Corn Nation

The Corn Nation community provided their thoughts about Jon Johnston, the managing editor for Corn Nation. Here are the highlights.

The people of Corn Nation spoke and we listened! Here's what they had to say about Corn Nation's Jon Johnston.

Thumbs Up:

  • The Flakes are gGRREAAaat - You especially enjoyed Johnston's contributions to the recurring Corn Flakes feature, even going as far as saying Jon provides "more and better links than Hail Varsity's similar feature."
  • Crazy Good - You love the unpredictability and enthusiasm he brings to his articles and discussions with the community.
  • Management - See best comment.

Best Comment (ryanschnurr):

From my perspective...

I prefer to look at Jon more from a creator standpoint than a wrting stand point. Jon made cornnation what it is, and that is no little feat. His articles are always entertaining and he seems to always find something to talk about.

Thumbs Down:

  • Topic Knowledge - see best comment.
  • Surliness - It was tough to pinpoint many negatives for Johnston, but there was this in the comments section: "He's not surly enough."

Best Comment (Doc1028):

Jon is like your crazy uncle that you discuss sports with.

Con: Sometimes you have no idea what he's talking about.
Pro: It will certainly be entertaining

Johnston scored an average of 3.7 in the ratings poll (129 votes), which means the community thinks his work is significantly above average. Since he didn't receive the perfect score he was looking for, I'm sure I'll be exiled to BHGP in the next day or so.

Thanks for all your feedback and hopefully we receive even more comments to discuss in future editions of the Media Microscope. Speaking of future editions, I'm thinking about focusing on a radio personality next time out. Thoughts?

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